Our Daily Oil Routine

If you have been wondering how we use our oils daily, I am going to answer it all here by sharing our routine!

Learn about the start to our oily journey HERE.

Essential oils can be overwhelming at first so I hope our daily routine gives you a great starting to point to using your oils consistently!

Essential Oils and Diffuser

When we first started using essential oils, we started with just diffusing them (SEE MY FAVE DIFFUSER BLENDS HERE) to get used to the different scents and the purposes of each oil. After doing some research and seeing all the other benefits to oils, I ventured out to using them topically.

I thought it would be beneficial to see the ways that we use oils throughout the day other than just diffusing them. Below is our daily routine with our essential oils! I can’t imagine a day without using essential oils now!

Deodorant and Unicorn Roller


  • John Paul and I both use our immunity roller down our spines

  • Use my unicorn roller as perfume on my wrists and back of neck

  • Use my glow roller on my face after cleansing my face

  • Use the deodorant from Young Living that has never given me a rash. I have always had irritated under arms from all different deodorants so I can’t recommend the deodorant enough!

  • Roll the bottom of Dominic’s feet with his immunity roller

  • Apply Joy over my heart

  • Turn on the diffuser with whatever blend I am feeling that day

  • Add a drop or 2 of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit vitality oil to my water

Happy Roller and Joy Essential OIl


  • Apply valor to my wrists

  • Apply my happy roller to my shoulders

  • Spritz the house with my room sprays, if I feel they need a little refresh

  • During Dominic’s nap, I roll Sleepyize on his neck and spray his room with his calming room spray

  • Refill the diffuser with another blend depending on how we are feeling that afternoon

Skincare Products


  • Use the Lavender Shower Gel every shower

    • Dilute by pouring out 2/3 into a glass jar, add 1 drop of Lavender, fill the rest with water, gently shake to combine

  • Use the Mirah Cleansing Oil to take off my makeup

  • Apply the Glow Roller after cleansing my face

  • John Paul and I apply our Immunity Roller down our spines before bed

  • Fill Dominic’s diffuser with 1 drop of Lavender or Gentle Baby before he goes to bed

  • Roll Sleepyize on Dominic’s neck before bed

  • Roll Dominic’s Immunity Roller on his feet before bed

Laundry Soap


  • Use Thieves Cleaner for EVERYTHING: countertops, sinks, floors, windows, glass, stainless steel, bathrooms, showers, toilets, highchair, etc

  • Use Thieves Laundry Soap for laundry, only use 1/4 capful

    • Dilute by pouring 1/2 into a glass jar, add a capful of Thieves cleaner, fill the rest with water and gently shake

  • Use Thieves Hand Soap for daily handwashing

    • Dilute by pouring 1/2 into glass jar, fill the rest with water, gently shake

  • Use wool dryer balls in the dryer with 2-3 drops of essential oil (lavender, citrus fresh, gentle baby, etc)

Cleaning products

The best way to start using essential oils is to grab a starter kit! It is $165 for over $400 worth of product. You get the best bang for your buck here. This allows you to purchase items at wholesale pricing which is 24% off of retail pricing. You have no commitments to purchasing each month, but I think you will see how much they benefit you and your family that you will be adding more oils to your stash along with all the other amazing products Young Living has to offer!


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Essential Oils Essentials
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Do you have any other questions about our daily oil routine?

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Our Daily Oil Routine