The Start to Our Essential Oils Journey

I am so excited that I decided to start using essential oils in our home and I am going to document our journey here.

On top of starting our oily journey, I have been really trying to drink lots more water using my tips, here.

This is just the start to our essential oils journey so I know I have a lot more to learn, but I can’t wait to keep learning more and more as we go!

Essential Oils

I had been thinking about starting essential oils for a few months now. My friends had told me great things about them and I was reading and researching a ton about them and I realized all of the benefits.

I have had my starter kit for a week now and I am truly hooked! I have had so much fun playing around with the diffuser and creating blends.

Diffuser and essential oils

I think I was nervous to order because I was afraid I would be overwhelmed and not know where to start. Looking back, I should’ve never let that hold me back from ordering, but I am glad I have them now!

I am here to tell you, if this is you and you are nervous to order, DON’T BE!!!! The team I am a part of is amazing!!! I have never seen such a supportive group of women (and men!) who are all in this together for 1 common goal…wellness!! The FB groups that you will gain access to have hundreds of helpful tips/info/links/articles/etc to help you get started on your oily journey.

If I can’t help you out, someone on our team has an answer for you, I promise!

Essential oil journey

Another thing to note, you do not have to sell the oils. I think that can hold people back, but you can just order them and enjoy them in your home with your family. Of course there are incredible rewards for selling and if you want to bring in some extra income for your family, this is a great opportunity, but there is NO obligation to sell at all.

Essential Oils Starter Kit

The starter kit for Young Living is $165. The starter kit is valued at over $400 so it is a fantastic deal.

  • 12 essential oils

  • Diffuser

  • 2 Ningxia samples

  • Thieves hand sanitizer

  • Thieves cleaner packet (which equates to a bottle of household cleaner)

  • Tons of information about all the oils and how to use them

  • Access to our FB groups with even more information!


  • Lemon

  • Citrus Fresh

  • Peppermint

  • Thieves

  • Frankincense

  • Lavender

  • Valor

  • Raven

  • Stress Away

  • Peace and Calming

  • Digize

  • Panaway

The starter kit is a great place to start because it offers a variety of oils that are the most popular so that you can get the hang of oils. You can then add on to your collection at any point and try out all the other oils and products that Young Living has to offer.

Thieves Cleaner

I made some Thieves cleaner over the weekend and literally cleaned our whole house with it! It smells like Christmas in a bottle and it is non toxic and chemical free so it’s great to use around kids and pets!

I will share some of my favorite blends soon as I play around more and figure out what we love. I can tell you that we have loved using lavender at bedtime. So soothing and calming. I also used lemon over the weekend when we made salmon and bacon and it eliminated those nasty leftover smells and left our house smelling refreshing and clean.

I also added some lemon to our vacuum filter and vacuumed the whole house. Again, no leftover vacuum smell and left the house clean and bright! I also heard adding Thieves to the filter is great if you have had some sick family members because Thieves is great at removing germs!

Essential Oils diffusing

These are just some of the things I have done in a week’s time! I can’t imagine all that I will continue to learn as time goes by.

I will be sure to update you with more information on oils soon including my favorite blends, essential oils essentials, some cleaning product switches, baby product switches, and more!

I am excited to be doing something positive for our family and eliminate the toxins and chemicals we have been using in our home. It will take time to do the full ditch and switch, but I am embracing the process.

If you would like to try out essential oils, please CLICK HERE. I will help you all along the way of your journey and we can learn together! DO THIS FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY <3 data-preserve-html-node="true"

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The Start to Our Essential Oils Journey