Essential Oils Essentials

Now that we have been using essential oils for almost 2 months, I have come to find some essentials that have been so useful!

If you want to see the start to our oily journey, check it out HERE.

These essential items have helped to make our essential oils journey that much better!

Well first of all, let’s start with the starter kit, if you don’t have one, GET ONE HERE. This will be what you need first in order to start your oils journey. It comes with a diffuser too so you will be good to go :)

So you have your starter kit and now you are like WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM and what do I need to make these easier to use!? I have you covered with all the things we are loving!


Essential Oils Bottles

BOTTLES: I have some spray bottles I use for the Thieves Cleaner as well as the room sprays I have made (read about them here). I also have hand soap bottles I use for the Thieves hand soap. I pour half the soap into the bottle and fill the rest with water. You get 2 hand soaps out of 1 bottle! Amber bottles are great because they protect the oils from the ultraviolet light and the bottles won’t be affected by citrus oils.

TRAY: If you have a tray/container/bowl to store your oils in, you will be more apt to use them daily. Take them out of the box when you get them and display them so that you can easily grab them to use.

Essential Oils Roller Bottles

ROLLER BOTTLES: These are great for making perfumes, cologne, and all different roller blends. They are an easy way to apply oils topically and make traveling with oils easier. You want to make sure the roller bottles you use are glass and have a stainless steel or glass roller top—no plastic!

Essential Oils Carrier Oils

CARRIER OILS/ADDITIVES: Carrier oils are what you mix in with your oils when creating rollers. They dilute essential oils so that they can be applied to the skin. My favorite carrier oils are jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil. Jojoba oil is great for the face because it doesn’t clog pores. Fractionated coconut oil is very versatile and can be used all over the body. I also have witch hazel in this grouping which is great for use in room sprays. It is a toner so I add it to my face rollers as well!

WOOL DRYER BALLS: We got rid of dryer sheets as soon as I heard that they are filled with tons of chemicals. We now use wool dryer balls and I will dab a few drops of oils on them then toss into the dryer with the wet clothes. It helps reduce static, cuts dry time in half, they’re chemical free, can be used over and over again, and make your laundry smell so nice! I usually use about 3-4 dryer balls/load of laundry. I love using Gentle Baby, Lavender, or Lemon on the dryer balls!

Essential Oils Label Maker

LABEL MAKER: This is just a fun tool to have on hand! I love this label maker for labeling tons of things throughout our house, but it has been great to use on all the bottles so we know what is what. Sometimes, it doesn’t stick perfectly to the bottle, so I will just use a little hot glue to keep the label down on the ends!

I have a feeling this post will be updated as I test out more products, but for now, these essentials have been so useful on our oily journey!

I would suggest starting out with one thing first so that you are not overwhelmed with switching everything up. it’s easier to start small and then gradually add in the extra bottles/rollers/etc!

If you have any questions about essential oils, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I am happy to help :)

Hope this gets you started on your essential oils journey!

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Essential Oils Essentials