Cooperstown Recap

This past weekend we took a trip to Cooperstown and many of you had said you had never been so I thought I would give a little recap of this quaint town!

Our last trip was to Chicago which you can read all about HERE.

Cooperstown is a little town in NY, outside of Albany, where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located along with a cute shops and restaurants!

Boys at the Baseball Hall of Fame

We planned our Cooperstown trip a few months back to give us a little getaway with both sets of our parents. We had so much fun and made tons of memories!


We visited Cooperstown to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Both my Dad and John Paul’s Dad love baseball so we thought it would be fun to go together. John Paul had never been to the Hall of Fame so he was so excited to check it out!

Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame is pretty cool. I am not a huge baseball fan, but the history of the sport is really interesting to me. I love seeing the old uniforms and memorabilia. It’s very interactive with 3 floors full of information. The men stayed a lot longer than the Moms and I so that Dom could nap, but we all enjoyed walking around and checking it all out.

Main Street in Cooperstown is adorable! So quaint and nostalgic. The buildings are beautiful and full of history. There are some cute shops and restaurants.

World Series

We only had 1 full day in Cooperstown since we left on a Friday and came back on Sunday. I am sure there is much more to explore, but the Hall of Fame and exploring the downtown area was our main priority!

The men went to Ommegang Brewery and came back with lots of beer to take home. They loved the atmosphere and the beer, of course! They said it was very kid friendly too!


Cooperstown Visit

Since there were 6 adults and a baby, we decided to stay in an Air B+B which was a great decision! We stayed in a town called Milford, NY and it was about 15 mins from Cooperstown. It was perfect. It was kind of in the country, but it was so relaxing. The hosts were so accommodating and helpful.

The house was clean and well maintained. The kitchen and bathrooms were well stocked and there was a grill had the weather been nice that we could have used.

Air B and B views

It sits on a beautiful piece of property with a little pond and lots of green space. We had some rainy and cloudy days so we couldn’t really explore much, but it was stunning and peaceful.


Since we stayed in the Air B+B, we each brought a different meal to make. John Paul and I brought breakfast items for Saturday morning, my parents brought lunch things for Saturday, and John Paul’s parents brought breakfast items for Sunday morning. It was so convenient having a full kitchen so we could save a little money and get to enjoy meals together.

We did go out to eat for dinner on Friday night at Brooks BBQ. It is an old school BBQ place that was so delicious! We thought there would be a really long wait as you can’t make reservations, but it moved so quick. The food was so yummy!

On Saturday night, we went to Mel’s at 22. Such a cool atmosphere with a mix of country and glam decor. I loved it! The food was so good! It was a casual place with familiar upscale food. We all enjoyed our meals! We did make a reservation here!

Grandmas with Dominic and Mom

We had such a blast this past weekend! The town was so cute and full of charm. I wish the weather had been a little better so we could have explored the outdoors a bit more, but we still had so much fun! Dom loved getting to spend time with both sets of grandparents at once too!

Love making these family memories that we will have forever!


I love sharing our travels with you guys! What is your favorite getaway you’ve taken?

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Cooperstown Recap