Master Bathroom Paint Reveal

Our master bathroom is the last room of the house that needed some paint so we recently gave it a makeover and now I am going to reveal it to you!

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This paint reveal for the master bathroom is a big one! Paint makes such a big difference!

Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom is a huge selling point to our house because not many houses in our area have a master this large. Before we were going to sell it, we knew we had to give it a little update so we decided to paint it.

Paint is HUGE when it comes to updating a space. It instantly makes the room feel different.

We used Behr Silent White to paint the whole room. This is the same color used in the master bedroom and closet! I love how it all flows together now.


Before the Paint in the Master Bath
Master Bathroom Before
Master Bath Before the Paint Reveal

The master bathroom was very dark with the brown paint and green tiles. It was a great size and has so many amazing benefits, but the paint made it look much more outdated.


Master Bathroom Bathtub

We didn’t update any of the fixtures or change the tile, but the paint makes the room look completely different. It makes it look even larger and updates the whole space.

I am so glad we decided to paint this room. It was the only room that never got any attention and it just works so much better with the rest of the house now.

Master Bathroom Vanity

Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a major overhaul, I recommend grabbing a can of paint and painting a room a light and bright color. It will give the room a whole new look and update it tremendously.

This paint reveal is a huge transformation and it only cost us a couple gallons of paint!

Master Bathroom Toilet Room

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Master Bathroom Paint Reveal