Dominic at 9 Months

Dominic is 9 months old today!  My baby has officially been outside the womb for as long as he was in.  I have been kind of dreading this milestone because it just feels so old and I am not ready for it.  I know I can't do anything about it, but time reallllllly needs to slow down ASAP!

Have you seen what he was up to at 5 months (HERE), 6 months (HERE), 7 months (HERE), and 8 months (HERE).

9 months have gone so quick and Dominic is getting so big!

Dominic laughing

This was a fun month!  Dominic learned so many new things and went on lots of adventures.  I really enjoyed watching him grow this month and explore the world around him.

He is 17 lbs and about 28" (I think I guessed wrong last month because I actually measured his length this time and I got around 28").  He is now in mainly 9 month clothing along with some 6 month and 6-9 month clothing.  I cannot come to terms with putting away the 6 month things even though slowly we have been transitioning a lot of the 6 month clothes to the storage bins because they are getting tighter and shorter on him.  

Dominic sitting next to his bear

Dominic is soooo close to crawling.  He gets to his knees and tries to reach for everything in his sight, but then just falls to his belly.  We encourage him with all his favorite toys and he's trying so hard, but can't quite figure out the movement of his knees and arms.  He gets very frustrated and you can see he wants to crawl so bad so I think any day now he will be crawling and then we are really in trouble.

He still loves to stand and is getting better at pulling himself up, but hasn't pulled himself up in the crib yet which I am totally ok with because that scares me!  Actually, yesterday, when he woke up from his nap, we found him sitting in the crib which he's never done before so I'm sure standing will be next.  Looks like we will be lowering the crib ASAP.  He loves standing when we stand him up and tries to let go with both hands, such a daredevil!

He started to clap and now loves to clap all the time.  It is quite literally the cutest thing ever.  He is so proud of himself when he claps and laughs and smiles while doing it.

Dominic and his bear rocker

This kid is a TANK when it comes to food.  He eats everything and so much food at a time!  We are pretty much only doing table food now and he's loved everything we've given him.  It has made going out to eat a lot easier as he can have what we're eating.  He tried a quesadilla the other day and loved it!  He loves bread, meatballs, peas, carrots, avocado, cheese, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, and anything else he can get his hands on.  He loves to feed himself and if we try to feed him, he pushes our hands away.  For how little he looks, he puts away food like no other.  I think he has a lot of muscle because there isn't much fat on his body.

He went in the pool for the first time this month and it's safe to say he is a water baby!  He loves splashing and swimming.  He kicks his legs and moves his arms all around.  It's so fun to see him in the pool.  Babies in bathing suits.....sooo cute!

Dominic sitting up

Sleep was great again this month.  He slept pretty much every night 7pm-730am.  He also napped great with a nap from 9-11 and 1-3.  He is a good little sleeper right now and we will take it because when he is awake he keeps us very busy!

No teeth still LOL!  I am not even going to say we're close because I have been saying that for months now and there are still no teeth so we will just say they will show up when they are ready ;)

We love his funny personality.  He has become so chatty and screeches in laughter at himself or at us if we do something silly.  He's such a good baby and so go with the flow.  He makes friends with everyone we come in contact with.  He is starting to become very aware of his surroundings and looks around for us if we aren't in the same room.  He loves seeing Freddy first thing in the morning.

Being his Mom is seriously the best thing ever!  This boy has completely changed my whole world and I adore him so much.  I just can't believe he is 9 months old.  I feel like he was just born and now here we are, 3 months from his me the chills!

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Dominic at 9 Months