Dominic at 6 Months

Happy 1/2 birthday to my little boy, Dominic!  He turned 6 months old on March 20.  These past 6 months have flown by in the blink of an eye. 

See what he was up to at 5 months old (HERE).

These 6 months have been amazing and I am so excited to share what Dominic has been up to at 6 months!

Dominic at 6 Months in a basket

I can't believe he is already closer to being a year old rather than being born!  I also can't believe that we have been doing this whole parenting thing for 6 months now! 

I feel like saying I have a 6 month old, seems so old & that he isn't my little baby anymore, even though I know he is.  For some reason, 6 months just feels so much older than any other age has.

Dominic's personality is really starting to show!  He is playful, flirty, opinionated, & strong!  He gives the best smiles with all his gums and tongue.  His laugh is so contagious that it makes us all laugh with him.  He will laugh at the smallest things like making a goofy noise or tickling his little toes. 

Dominic in overalls

He has tried every single 1st and 2nd food there is & loves eating solids.  His favorite foods have been pretty much all the fruits with the exception of peaches.  He doesn't love those.  Lately, he's been loving mango.  He eats the veggies, but doesn't eat them quite as fast as he does the fruits.  The 2nd foods are fun because there are yummy mixtures for him to try!  We have given him tiny little pieces of chicken & he's still a little unsure what to do with it ha!  Trying new foods with him has been really fun & I know it will only get better as he starts to eat table food.

Dominic in a basket

According to my measurements, he is 12.5lbs & 25" long.  We go for the 6 month check up on Friday so I will have the real measurements then.  He has definitely filled out a lot & has the cutest chubby cheeks! 

He is wearing mainly 6 month clothes now.  Some of the 3 month clothes fit width wise, but they are too short or too tight in the feet & uncomfortable.  Even the 3 month onesies & pants are just too short for him.  He can wear some 3-6 month clothes depending on the brand.  I love when we switch over the wardrobe because it's fun to see all his new clothes, but also bittersweet knowing he'll never be small enough to wear the old clothes again.

Laying on his back

Dominic is starting to grab EVERYTHING!  I have been wearing my hair up almost daily when I'm around him because he grabs & pulls it.  He reaches out to pet Freddy when he's nearby.  He tries to grab our spoons if we are eating near him.  He loves pulling on the little toys on the Mamaroo & his swing now.  It's so fun watching him notice all these new things & try to play with them.

Dominic on his tummy

He does so great in the exersaucer & can bounce around in it now.  He pulls at all the toys & tries to suck on them.  He loves hanging out on his Gathre mat & playing with all different toys.  He does tummy time very well & has rolled a few times.  We help him roll a lot, but he is not overly interested in trying to roll by himself.  He is very interested in sitting up!  This is relatively new within the past couple weeks.  He can't sit by himself yet, but sits with support from the boppy.  It's so cute watching him sit up & see the world from that angle.

Dominic in suspenders

Sleeping, he's doing pretty well.  He sleeps through the night without wanting to eat, but sometimes he gets up because his pacifier falls out & he wants it back.  He hasn't quite figured out how to self soothe himself, but that will come in time.  We are still swaddling him with his arms in.  Sometimes I will swaddle him with his arms out for naps & we try at night, but he doesn't sleep as well.  He definitely prefers sleeping on his side so I know we have to transition him out of the swaddle sooner rather than later.

Dominic looking at his stuffed animal

Dominic is finally loving baths! He loves to splash around & kick the water.  He tries to grab at his rubber ducky & the towel.  He seems to be very into exploring when he's in the bath & take everything in!  I hope this is a good sign for him to love swimming this summer!

Dominic at 6 Months in a bucket

My baby is turning into a little boy & I am so proud to be his Momma!  I love looking back at photos of him from when he was a newborn, but also love thinking about the future.  That's motherhood, right?!

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Dominic at 6 Months