Dominic at 10 Months

I can't believe Dominic is 10 months old today!  My baby is getting so big and this month flew by.

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Dominic learned so many new things this month and really turned into a new little boy at 10 months!

Dominic laughing

He started crawling.  He is a man on a mission and cannot be stopped.  He gets into everything!  We have been baby proofing the house.

He is starting to pull himself up and kneel.  He likes to let go of his hands while kneeling and that just makes this Mama a little nervous LOL.  I know soon he will be standing which is just crazy!

He got 2 of his bottom teeth in, finally!  I know I have been saying that forever, but he looks so cute with those little pearly whites poking through!

Dominic went to the ocean for the first time this month as we went on vacation.  Safe to say he is a water baby and loves playing in the sand!  He was such a good boy on vacation even with his schedule being a little off.

He has been eating everything!  He loves trying new foods and loves sitting at the table with us as we eat our meals too.  His favorite foods are mac and cheese, chicken, meatballs, strawberries, and bananas!

Playtime is a bit crazier now that he is on the move.  It is hard to contain him to one area, but he still loves playing with his blocks, rattles, stuffed animals, remote control, and tool box.  The jumper has never been more important as it keeps him entertained while I run to the bathroom HA!

He is a little over 19lbs and 28.5" long.  He is only wearing 9 month clothing and some 9-12 month clothes.  We still have the 6 month outfits out, but they are pretty tight so we only use them if we are in a pinch.

He's been sleeping really great and napping well too.  He sleeps from 7pm to 7-730am.  We transitioned him out of the swaddle/sleep sack completely and he just sleeps in PJs.

Dominic had his first fever a couple weeks ago.  We took him to the doctor and it was related to teething/the common cold.  There wasn't much we could do other than offer Motrin, but it was tough seeing him not himself.  It only lasted a couple days, so thank God, it was nothing major!

We have loved going to the zoo, farmers markets in downtown Buffalo on Elmwood, the Buffalo Museum of Science, and walking the cute streets of Lewiston.  We want to go to a Bisons baseball game this month, find some more parks and playgrounds, and maybe head down to Ellicottville.

He laughs and giggles at anything.  He is so aware of his surroundings and what we are doing.

Dominic smiling

This was a big month for Dominic!  10 months just doesn't seem possible!  He is becoming a little boy right before our eyes.

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It is so crazy that Dominic is 10 months old already!  We love you little bear and we are so grateful to be your parents!

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