Dominic at 7 Months

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe my baby is 7 months old today!!  I feel like he was just my tiny little newborn, but he's not and I am having a hard time coming to terms with that LOL

See what Dominic was doing at 5 months (HERE) and 6 months (HERE).

Dominic has been such a joy at 7 months!  This is a fun update!

Dominic at 7 Months in the crib

This has been such a fun month!!  I feel like he has really grown up and become a little person from 6-7 months.  His personality is really coming out more and more each day which I just adore.  He is so friendly and curious and playful.  He is so happy going from person to person and just wants all the snuggles in the world!

Dominic looking at the mobile

He is loving every single food we have tried.  We started introducing eggs and he loves the egg yolks from hard boiled eggs.  He's tried BBQ sauce (of course my Dad wanted him to try it!), lemons, meatballs, pulled pork (my Dad's influence again!), chicken, white grape juice, and pastina.  There honestly isn't anything he doesn't like.  I can't believe he eats all that he does, but he's a growing boy and I am so proud of him for loving all these new foods.

Sleep has been kind of rough this past month, if I am being 100% honest.  I stared to transition him out of the swaddle and he seems to do fine at first, but then wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to be held.  He loves to feel cuddled and snuggled up so I've been trying the swaddle again and he's been sleeping a lot better!  Maybe he's not ready to be unswaddled quite yet?!  Trial and error, right?

Dominic sitting in the crib

He is officially sitting up without the help of us or a boppy pillow.  He actually wants nothing to do with laying down to play anymore.  He is way more interested in sitting up and playing.  He is getting great at kind of positioning himself so that he doesn't fall over either.  It's really crazy, he went from needing our help to sitting by himself pretty much overnight.  He's still not really into rolling, but he may just skip right over that because he was somewhat of an early sitter.

Dominic looking at the mobile

Dominic is teething so much!!  He is extra drooly these days and his pediatrician said that his bottom 2 teeth should be in any day, but that was a few weeks ago now so I hope that they appear soon.  Everything goes in his mouth to help soothe those little gums.

He is so aware of his surroundings and who is in the room with him.  He smiles at us when he sees us enter the room if we go into another room for a minute.  He plays and smiles at Freddy and always wants to be petting him.  It's the cutest thing.

He still loves his exersaucer, but can really jump and move around in it now.  He can grab at all the hanging toys too.  He loves playing with his stacking blocks/cups, anything that makes noises/music, and biting on his stuffed animals.  We recently set up his activity tree house for him and he is so intrigued with everything that it does.  It's pretty amazing and has over 80 activities so he will be able to use this for a long time!

Dominic sitting up

So I can't really weigh him because our scale needs a new battery lol but if I had to guess, I would say close to 15lbs.  He went for his 6 month check up on 3/30 and he was 13.4 lbs.  I measured him and he is about 27 inches long.  He is wearing mainly 6 month clothes.  We still have the 3-6 month clothes out because most of them are winter clothes and since it still feels like winter here, we need them LOL.  He has been wearing some of the 6-9 month clothes, but I am truly not ready for him to be in those clothes yet.

This month he got baptized and did so amazing!  He didn't cry at all when the water was poured on his head.  It was such a special day for us and we were so happy to celebrate with our loved ones.  Plus he looked extra adorable!

I am so excited for the warmer months coming up so that we can explore and play outside.  It will be fun to watch him play in the pool, sit on the grass, hang in the sunshine.  Lots of firsts coming up and I know the fun has only begun.  These past 7 months have been amazing and I feel so grateful that this little guy is ours.  He is the best little honey bear EVER!

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