Dominic at 11 months

11 months!  I can hardly believe we are already here with Dominic!

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Being 11 months old, Dominic learned a lot!

Dominic sitting in the sunflowers

Dominic is 21.2 lbs and a little under 30."  It is hard to keep him still to measure his length so that is an estimate.

He is wearing all 9 month clothing, 9-12 month clothing, and some 12 month things.  I actually had to put away several 9 month things recently which made me a little sad.

He crawls like a mad man, he is so fast!  He does not sit still for very long.  He loves climbing the stairs which he does a little too quickly for my liking!

Dominic in the air

Dominic stands and pulls himself up onto everything.  He can stand without holding on to things for a few seconds.  He loves doing that!

He loves to dance!  Whenever we play music, he jumps and moves around like crazy!  He laughs at himself and smiles so big.

Dominic still eats everything we offer!  He has a very healthy appetite and eats a ton at each meal!  There still isn't anything we've given him that he hasn't liked!  This month he had ice cream for the first time and that was a hit!

Dominic with Daddy

We have been swimming a lot and trying to soak up all the summer days!  I set up the playpen on the porch and Dominic loves the fresh air.

He has been sleeping great and still loves his 2, 2 hour long naps.  He usually goes right down after we put him the crib.  Sometimes he will play around and stand in the crib, but for the most part, he knows that it's bedtime or naptime when he goes in the crib.

Dominic loves playtime and barely wants to be held anymore so that he can play with his toys.  He loves his treehouse and climbs all over it, he loves his blocks, stuffed animals, and these little bath toys that we don't only use in the bath.

Dominic in the frame

He didn't get any new teeth this month, but I think he may be feeling some more.  He keeps doing this little pouty lip thing which is just the cutest thing ever!  You will see it a lot in these photos.

He is chatting a ton!  He says 'mama' and 'dada' and a few other sounds.  He learned how to shake his head 'no' so now everything is 'no.'

Dominic is fearless and a daredevil.  He climbs over things, under things, on top of things.  I love that he is determined, but he definitely keeps me on my toes!

Dominic and Mom

He loves playing with his cousins, petting Freddy, and giving big open mouth kisses.  He is a little charmer and so coy.  He's so easy going and laid back.

We had my Mom stay with us for a week and a half this month and Dominic was in heaven!  She is so good to him and he loves having Grammy time.  When we FaceTime with her, he gets so excited to see her!

We started to makeover the sunroom into a playroom for Dominic this month and it is almost done!  I can't wait to share the final details next week!  We love it and so does Dominic!

I seriously cannot believe this is the last month before he is 1 year old.  11 months have gone so quick and I know this next month is just going to fly by too.

We have been planning his 1st birthday party and it's been so fun!  I am still in denial that he will be turning 1 though!  Stay tuned for his 1st birthday party details ;)

We love you so much, little Dominic!  Stay little forever, please!



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Dominic at 11 Months