Dominic at 8 Months

8 Months feels so old!  It feels like we are moving out of the "baby, baby" stage and onto the 'pre toddler' stage.  Dominic has grown and changed so much this past month which is probably why I feel this way.

Catch up and see what he was doing at 5 months (HERE), 6 months (HERE), and 7 months (HERE).

Dominic has been learning lots at 8 months!  This update is an exciting one!

Dominic at 8 Months in the kitchen sink

He is weighing in at 16.1 lbs and is 28" long.  For clothing, he is wearing mainly 6 months and 6-9 months, but some 9 months items too.  It kind of depends on the weather because it's been kind of warm so we've needed more shorts and sleeveless onesies so we've been reaching for 6-9 month or 9 month clothes.  I have to say I love his summer wardrobe.  It's so adorable and beachy!

This month Dominic has really mastered sitting up and reaching for things all around him.  He grabs at things higher than him, far away from him, close to him...nothing is safe!  He loves to sit and play and look around.  I think he may try to start crawling soon because he is leaning forward a lot to grab things in front of him.

His new trick this month is to stand on his own!!  He can't pull himself up or anything, but he loves to be stood up and hold on to the table or couch or chair without any assistance.  I can't believe he's strong enough to do this, but he is pretty fearless.  He thinks he can let go with one arm, but that doesn't quite work out for him!

Dominic in the sink

Dominic's sleep was amazing this month! (knock on wood!!!) He hardly got up throughout the night and once he was down for the night, he would sleep until morning.  He is officially out of being completely swaddled.  He still likes the sleep sacks or swaddles with his arms out though.  He also recently started rolling to his belly during the night.  I think he may be a belly sleeper because almost every day that we wake up now, he is on his tummy, even for his naps!

We have been playing outside a TON!  We pretty much are outside every day that it is nice weather. He loves to play in the grass and pull it all up. We eat outside too which is very fun for him.  We've played and splashed in his little bath tub outside.  He's adorable in his little bathing suit, by the way.  It's just so nice getting fresh air!

He loves his activity tree house and tries to reach for all the different pieces on it.  We raised up the exersaucer because he was getting to long for the lowest level.  He could bounce in that thing for hours HA!  He loves this remote, his blocks, and teether.  We did put the Mamaroo away since he is getting a little big for that now and honestly, he really doesn't like to lay down and play much anymore.  Sitting and standing are way more fun!

Dominic holding my hand

We started introducing a lot more table food this month.  His favorite hands down is hummus!!!  He would eat the whole container if I let him, I think!  He also loves chicken, avocado, banana, pastina, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggs, and applesauce.  Everything that we have tried with him, he loves still.  We also started giving him little melties and teething wafers.  He loves those because he can hold them and feed himself.  He also likes to grab the spoon from my hand and tries to feed himself.  It's super cute, but typically makes a big mess!

Still no teeth, but I really think we're getting close (even though I've been saying that for a while now!).  He is still extra drooly and loves biting on anything and everything.  My hair tie has been a new favorite chew toy.

Dominic at 8 Months in the sink

He has the funniest personality.  He loves everyone and will smile at anyone who makes a silly face or says hi to him.  He is so laid back and really only cries when we're not feeding him fast enough.  He does the funniest little screeches and blows bubbles all the time.  Him and Freddy have become serious best buds and they will each play with each other's toys lol. Dominic is always SO happy and excited to see his Daddy when he comes home from literally melts my heart when I see him light up when John Paul comes home.

Dominic having a bath

Dominic gives the best hugs lately and likes to 'kiss' my face which is just a big slobbery mess, but I don't care one bit!  He will reach for your hand if you extend it and I pretty much die every time he does that because it is the sweetest thing ever.

This month he also learned to sit really well in the store carts which means no more carrying the heavy car seat into the stores...yay!! He loves looking around and smiling at literally everyone in the stores.

Dominic in a towel

I think this month may have been my favorite so far.  He was just so happy and learned so many new things.  Each month has been amazing, but this month was just extra amazing!  

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Dominic at 8 Months