Dominic at 5 Months

Dominic is 5 months old today!  How is he already 5 months?! 

It's been such a fast 5 months & I know time is not going to slow down anytime soon.  Dominic is learning new things every single day & it's so fun watching him discover all these new tricks. 

I thought it would be fun to give an update on what Dominic has been up to & what he is loving at 5 months!

Laying under the mobile

Last time we went to the pediatrician was on January 30 & he weighed 9 lbs 13 oz and was 23.5" long.  I measured him & he's now 24" long & I would weigh him, but our scale seems to be broken LOL but if I had to guess, I would say he's close to 11 lbs.  He may be small, but he eats so much, I'm thinking he has a fast metabolism!

Dominic started solids about a month and a half ago.  He has been loving all the new foods he's trying.  I think his favorite might be pears or sweet potatoes.  We have been using the Gerber or Beechnut foods, but we did try a mashed up banana & a mashed up avocado.  It's so funny watching him try new foods & textures.  We tried giving him some breastmilk in a sippy cup yesterday & he did so well with it.  He has been doing great with each new food we are introducing!

He recently learned to play with his feet!  He loves them & is so fascinated by them.  He grabs them, tries to eat them, & stares at them.  He tries to do this when he's laying down, in his highchair, & in his car seat.  So adorable!

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Tummy time

He's rolled over a couple times, but doesn't seem too interested to keep trying.  He is doing great at tummy time, but once he's sick of it, he's ready to be on his back ASAP!  When he's on his back, he rolls his body to one side, but hasn't fully figured out how to roll from back to belly.

Dominic is loving his swaddle still at night & for naps.  It instantly calms him down.  We love the Halo Swaddles or the Love to Dream swaddles.  I have to be honest, I'm a little nervous for when he does start rolling & we can't use the swaddles anymore because all we do now for naps/bedtime is put him in the swaddle & put him to bed & he's out.  We don't have to rock him or anything.

Dominic at 5 Months

Dominic is wearing mainly size 3 months clothing, but a lot of the 3-6 month clothes fit & we have started to try out some of the 6 month clothing too.  It really depends on the brand & store that the clothing is from as to what fits.  His 'problem' is that he's too long for the smaller clothes, but still fits into them width wise.  He is long & lean.

Bath time is still not very fun for Dominic.  He does not like getting in & out of the bath.  I think once he can sit up, he will like bath time a little more or at least I'm hoping!

He can touch his feet on the ground when playing with his exersaucer.  He is starting to play with all of the little toys on the exersaucer.  It's super cute!  He loves grabbing at the toys, looking in the little mirror, & staring at the hanging animals.

Dominic is starting to laugh & babble a lot more.  He loves staring at himself in the mirror & laughing while doing that.  He's getting ticklish too.  Freddy makes him smile also!

Dominic at 5 Months under the teepee

Sleeping at night has been pretty good.  He's in his crib full time now & has been for a couple months actually.  We moved up his bedtime to 7/7:30pm & he typically sleeps until about 6:30/7am.  He will get up sometimes during the night, if his paci falls out or if he is wet.  We have started to double diaper him because for about a week he was waking up from peeing through his diaper & PJs.  The double diaper trick really helped!  I will say, he does not get up to eat so usually his night time wake ups are quick.

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The past 5 months have been fun, but I am looking forward to this month as the weather hopefully gets a little nicer so we can go for lots more walks.

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Dominic at 5 Months