Kitchen Backsplash


If youโ€™ve been following along with our kitchen makeover HERE, HERE, or HERE, you know that this was one of the last things we needed to complete.

We did subway tiles for our kitchen backsplash!

Kitchen Backsplash
Sink and backsplash

I honestly thought we would just be living with our old backsplash for a while & I was ok with that.  We had other projects to complete & having the backsplash done was just a dream & something that we would eventually do. 

Wellllllll, we decided to get a quote just to see how much it would cost to have it all replaced & to our surprise it was extremely reasonable!  We thought about taking off the backsplash & doing something with it ourselves, but I am so glad we decided to scratch that idea. 

Behind the old mirror backsplash was horrible & we would have never been able to make it look as nice as it looks now!

Subway tile backsplash
Backsplash and kitchen aid

If you are new around here, our home was built in 1900 so there is a lot of character, but sometimes it can be a little quirky.  The kitchen had great bones & I knew I could do a lot with it, but it was anything but glamorous when we moved in 2 years ago. 

First off, the walls were red, the floor was black & white tile, there were black & white checkered curtains, mirror backsplash, ugly/old hardware, laminate counter tops, & outdated light fixtures, just to name a few things! 

The things I loved were the white cabinets, the amount of storage, the corbels, & the size of the kitchen.  I was so happy the cabinets were white because I know that can be a huge expense to update so I was extremely grateful that we could skip that update. 

Glass cabinets and backsplash
Subway tile

For the backsplash, we went with a simple & classic subway tile in an offset pattern.  We had a bullnose edge installed with a light gray grout.  I honestly think this was the best choice we could have made!  It makes the kitchen seem brighter & bigger.  It really opens up the space. 

I feel like subway tiles were meant for the kitchen because they are so timeless & look like they could have been here for years & years.  I love it so much!  I told John Paul I don't want to put anything on the counters now because the backsplash is so pretty & I don't want to cover it up.

Kitchen Backsplash and sink
Kitchen update
Subway tile kitchen backsplash

I think we are officially done with our kitchen update...for now.  We are planning to leave the countertops  & if in the future we want to change them, we will, but they aren't in bad condition & they don't look that bad with the subway tile now. 

In time, we will need to update the dishwasher as it is old, but it still works so we are keeping it!  I would like to eventually switch out the sink & faucet, but there is no rush.  I will have a post all about the lighting we chose next week!  

Stove and backsplash
Subway tile

Let's throw it waaaaaaaaay back to when we first moved in & what we saw when we first toured the house so you can really see the before of what we started out with!

Kitchen before

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I hope you love following along with our kitchen updates because I love sharing them with you!

Kitchen Backsplash

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Kitchen Backsplash