March Favorites

I am starting a new series on my blog at the end of each month with some of our favorite things we are loving! 

It can be anything from new foods we tried, new recipes, new gadgets, new tv shows, new products, clothes, etc.  This will be my first month of doing this and I have been keeping a running list of everything so I don't forget anything! 

Here are our March favorites!



Boogie Wipes: Dominic has had a little runny nose and these clean up his nose and face super quickly and easily. He does not like having his face wiped so I needed something that was softer than a paper towel, but made for the face. These have been my answer! I can't say that he still enjoys having his face wiped, but it has definitely helped.

Wink Naturals Cool Gums Teething Gel and Chest Rub: I think D is getting some teeth so sometimes nap time/bed time can cause him some pain. I put the tiniest amount of this teething gel on my finger and rub it on his gums and he's instantly soothed and seems to sleep much better. The calming rub has been amazing in soothing Dominic at nap time/bed time too. I put a little behind his ears or on his chest and the smell is so relaxing and calming. I actually love it for myself too!


Door Hinge: This has been a lifesaver for me! We never had a lock on the barn doors to the Sun Room and Freddy was always running in there creating havoc even when the doors were shut because he could open them. This one is so cute and cast iron so it looks like it was made for the barn doors!

Sweetmint Handmade Mugs: These new mugs are my fave! They have the cutest/funniest sayings! They hold a lot of liquid so they are perfect for my coffee breaks. Plus the writing is on both sides, which I love! These are the ones I have (HERE and HERE). She customized the plant whisperer one into FAUX plant whisperer for me because I am not a plant lady even though I want to be so bad!


Hello Fresh: We have done Hello Fresh a lot this month. It's super convenient and we love the meals. We get 3 meals for 2 people and it's so nice to not have to think about dinner ideas for 3 nights. You can use my code: LINDSAYARA for $40 off of your 1st box making it $20 for 3 meals!

Paleo Cookbook: In addition to Hello Fresh, we have been using this cookbook a lot! We are trying to eat healthier as bathing suit weather is quickly approaching! This cookbook has always been a fave of ours and we are using it even more lately.



Nail Polish: If you've seen my stories this week, I talked a lot about this new nail polish! I am completely obsessed and hooked! It dries in under 60 seconds and you only need 1 coat. I can't stand when my nails aren't painted (I know, first world problems LOL), but I don't have time to wait for them to dry so this stuff has been my answer! Comes in a ton of colors and under $5!! WIN!


We started watching this documentary on Netflix called Ugly Delicious.  It's all about different foods and how they started/where they started.  It's really interesting.  We haven't seen every episode, but it is pretty cool.  We've seen the taco and pizza episode...YUM!

That's it for this month!  Hope you like this new series!

Thank you for stopping by the blog!


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March Favorites