3 Easy Ways to Decorate the Kitchen

Happy May!!!!  Now that our kitchen has been pretty much all updated, I am obsessed with styling it.  I never really touched it or did much with it decor wise because it was never my style.

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I love keeping the decor in here super simple and just letting the kitchen do all the talking!  Today, I am sharing all the easy ways I decorate my kitchen.

Kitchen island

1.  Search your yard.  

I honestly went outside and found some fresh greens.  Whatever you have around your home will do.  Most budget friendly thing you can do for your home, right?!  This is a little easier to do when the flowers are blooming, but I made do with what I found.  I think fresh flowers or greenery just bring a space to life!  I don't always buy flowers because 1, I cannot keep them alive very long and 2, we don't always have the budget for them.  Sooooo searching our own yard is the perfect trick!

Kitchen sink

2.  Fresh Fruit.

When we go grocery shopping, we always buy fruit.  Perfect snack and easy to grab on the go!  This also makes the easiest decor items!  Fresh lemons and limes just brighten up your home.  Throw in some pears, apples, berries, or whatever is in season and you have the prettiest and most edible decor!  WIN, WIN!

Cutting boards

3.  Cutting Boards/White Plates.

We have a ton of cutting boards and I love to have them out on display.  If you have any old and vintage cutting boards, layering them on the counter is so pretty!  Functionality and decor, another win!!  We also have all white dishes.  I keep them out underneath the island and this way we can easily grab them for serving up meals.  They also serve as great decor!  I love that white dishes are such a great 'back drop' for table scapes and meals.  They just make everything pop!

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What do you think of these simple ways to brighten up your kitchen for spring?  Easy right?

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3 Easy Ways to Decorate the Kitchen