New Kitchen Flooring

New Kitchen Flooring

YOU GUYS!!! We have new kitchen flooring! They are seriously AMAZING!! I am so happy we decided to get the floor redone.

We started this kitchen makeover a little while ago, see the start HERE and we added this island, HERE.

The kitchen flooring totally transforms this space!

New kitchen floors
flooring in the kitchen


before of the floor

The old tile was just not cutting it anymore & needed an upgrade. The old tiles were very retro with the black & white & did not go with our newly painted kitchen. In fact, I think they kind of clashed with all the upgrades we have done.  There were some scratches & cracks in some of the tiles too. They were also so hard to keep clean & would drive us insane with cleaning them constantly.

island and flooring
kitchen view
pergo flooring

We went with Pergo in the color Vintage Pewter Oak from Home Depot. We are in love with it. The color is so perfect & makes a huge difference in the kitchen. It works so much better with the wall color.

The new stove looks even prettier now. (if stoves can look pretty? LOL). And how about that island?! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

We went with Pergo because we can easily clean it, it is fairly reasonably priced, & the color was exactly what we wanted. The details of the "wood grain" are so realistic looking & add so much character. Each board is different, but they flow together so beautifully.

flooring close up
New kitchen pergo floors
island and pergo

We had the contractor lay the boards vertically so that the kitchen looked bigger & I think it really does seem bigger.

kitchen flooring

What do you think of our new flooring?  Do any of you have Pergo in your homes?  I'd love to hear what you think of it.

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New kitchen flooring