The Start to the Kitchen Makeover

So our kitchen is pretty much the last room downstairs that needs a makeover. It needs a MAJOR overhaul.

We decided to start doing a little makeover in the kitchen!


When we moved in it had fire engine red walls, black & white flooring, a mirror back splash, laminate counter tops, & black & white check curtains. Talk about 50's diner throw back LOL.

The couple things I LOVED about the kitchen was the size & all the white cabinets.

The good thing is the kitchen is fully functional & really didn't need any makeovers other than cosmetic updating. We have kind of put it on the back burner because we knew it would be the most expensive room to bring up to date.

wide view of kitchen

We finally decided to dive in & slowlyyyyy start to update the space. I emphasize slowly because this will most likely not be done for a year or so, but it will be fun to bring you along on the journey.

back of the kitchen

A couple weekends ago, we started painting the kitchen.  The red HAD TO GO!!!  We painted the room Silver Marlin by Behr.  It has seriously transformed the space!!  

I always say that paint really makes a big change, but I think this might be the biggest transformation in our home to date.  (Do I say that a lot LOL?!)  But seriously, I think this is the biggest transformation we have done with paint so far.  

The whole vibe of the kitchen now feels calmer & more our style.  It flows with our home more too because our dining room & living room are the same color.  

The mirror back splash, laminate counter tops, & black/white flooring don't seem so bad now.  

I never really decorated the kitchen because I did not want to invest in any decor since I didn't like the kitchen.  I finally started to style a few areas of the counter tops & hang some things up to make the kitchen feel a little homier.

Some crazy before photos:

before pantry
before front of the kitchen
back of the kitchen before
open cabinets

I should say that this whole kitchen reno really got its' jump start from us getting a new oven!! I will be sharing a review of it in the next couple of weeks, but we are loving it so far!

open cabinets in the front of the kitchen
baking corner
glass cabinets

What do you think of the kitchen so far?  Just ignore all the ugly like I do & it's the prettiest kitchen :) We are getting there & I know we will appreciate all the hard work we put into the kitchen once it's done!

Thank you for stopping by the blog!



The Start to the Kitchen Makeover