How to Organize Spices

Our spices were getting out of control so we had to figure out how to organize them all!

We love to cook so having an organized kitchen is so important to us! These are some of our favorite weekday meals, turkey meatballs or meatloaf.

I have some tips on how to organize spices below!

Spice organization

I’m a very visual person so having spices that are easily accessible and visible has been a game changer!

Before organizing, the spices were hard to find when we were cooking. They were in all different jars/containers so it made storing them more difficult too since they weren’t all the same size.

Now obviously, there are many ways you could organize your spices depending on what you have for space. The jars I used could be used in lots of spaces since they don’t take up much room.


  1. Find all the same size jars/containers—HERE is what we used. They can be stored standing up or sideways

  2. Wash and dry the jars completely—I let ours dry completely overnight so that no water would get into the spices

  3. Using labels, write down the spices you use the most—HERE are the labels we used.

  4. Transfer all your spices to their new jars

  5. Store the ones you use most on the counter for easy access. Store the ones that are used less frequently in a close by cabinet/pantry

We do have some extra spices that we don’t use a lot that I didn’t put into the labeled jars. It didn’t make sense to have a designated jar for it when they are spices that are ‘one offs’ that we needed for a recipe one time that we most likely won’t be repurchasing any time soon.

Spice cabinet organization

Also, all the Trader Joe spices we have, I left in their jars as they are easily recognizable and already in nice jars. I didn’t want to waste money on putting them into new jars when I already like the jars they are in.

The key to spice organization is to make it work for you and your cooking habits. I like having all the spices we use daily out on the counter so they are easy to grab.

Spices are one of those things that kind of take up a lot of space for such a small item, but if they are organized, they are easier to store.

I’m kind of a nerd and love organizing things so this was fun to check off the list of organization to-dos!

Hope this helps you tackle your spice rack. It was a small and easy task that took only minutes to complete, but has a huge impact.


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How to Organize Spices