How to Organize All the Baby Toys

I’ve recently figured out the best way to organize all the baby toys we have!

Dominic’s nursery stores some toys, but now that he is playing a lot more, we brought a lot downstairs!

Today, I am going to share how to organize all the baby toys and what has worked for us!

Toy storage

Ever since having Dominic, the 'baby things' have just seemed to pile up and basically take over the house.  Being someone who thrives on organization and schedules, this was overwhelming at so I decided to make some changes.

At first, when Dominic was born, the toys didn't seem to take up much space because we didn't have that many.  It was the major things like the bassinet, pack and play, MamaRoo, etc that took up the space in the house.  I didn't mind those things because they are larger items that don't look disorganized.  It was when Dominic started getting older and playing with more toys that I needed to come up with an organized solution to storing all the toys when he isn't using them.

Enter baskets and my favorite dresser (HERE)!  These have been so integral in creating a home for all the toys, books, blankets, diapers, wipes, spit cloths, etc.  Let's pull back the curtain a bit and see what's inside these, shall we?

Before this dresser, I was using a bunch of smaller baskets scattered around the living room.  It honestly worked fine and was easy to clean up at night, but I was feeling like my living room was looking like a giant basket hoarding room LOL.  When I found this dresser, I knew it was going to go in the living room, but didn't fully realize it's storage potential until I started putting all the baby things in here.

Toy drawers
Diapers and toy organization

Let's start on the top 2 drawers.  The left top drawer stores blankets and spit cloths.  We use the blankets for extra protection when Dominic is hanging on the floor playing.  We also have a couple designated for outdoor play on the front porch.  Easy to grab and access when we are running out the door.  The top right drawer stores all the stuffed animal toys.  Anything that is soft and fuzzy goes in here. 

Moving to the middle left drawer, I store all the actual toys in here meaning rattles, shakers, keys, remote, music toys, balls, etc.  The middle right drawer houses all the stacking and building blocks. 

Bottom left has all the bigger toys that don't really fit into the above categories (safari toy, hanging bouncer, tool box).  Bottom right stores extra diapers, wipes, and diaper pail refill bags for the changing station.  Now, we may condense over time and as we have other needs for this dresser, but for now this is an amazing storage unit for us and it is so easy to find things.  

The sea grass basket on top of the cabinet is functional too!  All of his little board books that we keep downstairs are tossed in here so we can easily grab them to read.  It sits on top of the dresser because Freddy would rip up the books if it was on the floor HA!

High chair and toys organized

Now in the dining room, I keep a basket filled with all of Dominic's bibs right next to the high chair.  I also keep his little drum set in here in case he gets antsy waiting for his food to be made for him.  This has done wonders and keeps me from having to run around looking for a bib for him when it's meal time.

Extra toy organization
Treehouse toy corner

We keep his jumper in the corner of the living room, the piano gym right next to it, and the tree house in the opposite corner of the room.  You don't see those in the photos because I conveniently move them out of the shot ;) They don't really match with the decor HAHA but this is the season of our life right now so of course they stay.

Upstairs in the nursery we are lucky that we have a built in book shelf in the corner that stores all the books, stuffed animals, and some blocks.  We mainly play downstairs so I keep most of the toys down here.  I do have some bigger stacking blocks that Dominic loves to play with upstairs.  He also loves to lounge in the teepee and play with the mobile.  Not much storage goes on up there because like I said, we don't have too many toys up there.  If we are hanging out up here, then I will bring up more toys, but he is pretty content playing with his blocks and stuffed animals.

So to recap, choose a few baskets to conveniently hide the toys/baby essentials at first.  If you have an extra storage unit (book case, dresser, cabinet, TV console, coffee table, end table, sofa table, etc.), clear out a shelf or 2 and hide away all the things. 

Let's face it, these little people have a lot of things so having a space and a home for it all helps to clear the clutter.  I am also notorious for tossing things that we aren't using.  I get it from my Mama!  We love throwing things out so I try not to keep too many things around.  But let's face it, this is the stage of life I am in right now so having a designated space for all of these baby items helps to ease my urge to throw out ALL.THE.THINGS.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and gives you a glimpse into some real life of how we do things around here.  At the end of every day, I try to be sure that everything is back in its' place for the next day.  Of course this will get harder as the toys accumulate, but for now, I try to make this a 'chore' at the end of the day so that we start the morning with a clean space.  Makes for a much more productive start to my day!



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How to Organize All the Baby Toys