How to Organize All the Important Paperwork

How to Organize All the Important Paperwork

I’m not sure if this really ages me or not, but I am so excited to share how to organize all the important paperwork with you today!

I love staying organized and have shared my tips to staying organized as a stay at home mom, here, but now I am ready to tackle the papers that pile up!

Over this past weekend, we decided to organize all of our important paperwork so that it is clean and easy to find!

Paperwork organized

This was a long time coming for us! A couple weeks ago, we had to find some old house paperwork for our home insurance and it took us so long to find what they needed because our papers were a mess.

After that fiasco, I decided it was time to tackle this paperwork once and for all and create an organized system for it all.

This may age me by about 50 years because I was so excited to get all the supplies to get us organized, but that’s ok, HA!

Supplies to Organize the paperwork




  1. Take out all of your important paperwork from wherever it is being stored and lay it all out on the floor or table

  2. Decide what categories you need. Below are the sections we used:

    • Dominic section (birth certificate, doctor visits, charts, hospital discharge paperwork, my ultrasounds, etc.)

    • Freddy section (vet bills, vet visits, shots info, etc.)

    • Tax Information

    • Health Insurance

    • House paperwork

    • Car information/insurance

  3. Start separating all the paperwork into your designated categories. Go through each document and see if it is actually needed or not. Create a toss pile for paperwork that you no longer need/is valuable

    • Note: this is the longest and most important step. You want to make sure that you are not tossing anything that is valuable so double check that pile before throwing anything out. Shred those documents as well, if needed.

  4. After it’s all separated into piles, put the dividers into the binder and label them with the appropriate categories

  5. Start with one section at a time and add the paperwork to a sheet protector. You can combine papers into one page protector that all go together.

  6. Add the sheet protectors to their designated sections and you are good to go!

Paperwork organized in the binder

This is just our way of organizing all of the important paperwork we have. I know this is not for everyone, but this will be so useful for us when we need to find certain documents.

Our old system was not working at all and this organization system is much easier to use and much more simplified.

It is time consuming at first, but I know it will save us headaches down the road! This is not glamorous, by any means, but it is the real life things that we need to get done to have some order in our lives!

I hope this helps you get your paperwork all organized.

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How to Organize All the Important Paperwork