Tips to Packing the Kitchen for Moving

This post is sponsored by The Container Store, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We have been slowly packing some things to get ready for moving so I wanted to share our tips for getting the kitchen ready!

See why we are moving HERE.

These tips will make packing the kitchen for moving a lot easier and more organized!

Packing the Kitchen

We have not sold our house yet, but I wanted to start prepping things as it will be much harder for me to do some packing in the coming weeks as we prepare for baby girl’s arrival at the end of August. I figured I would get a head start on the kitchen since it is always the most time consuming room to pack up.

I used tons of packing and storage options from The Container Store. They have such functional and useful products that it made packing up the kitchen a breeze!


We will most likely have our items in a storage unit for a bit of time so I wanted to find boxes that would be sturdy and hold lots of things. I also planned on what the future needs would be and how things might be in boxes for some time depending on when we buy a house.

With these reasons, I decided that big plastic bins would be the best option for us so that we could store items safely and we could then reuse the bins in our future home for added storage.

Packing the glasses


These are the items we used for the packing of the kitchen:

  • 18 Gallon Tote Boxes

    • Used for tupperware and overflow of: small appliances, baking goods, silverware, pots/pans

    • Will be used for food items that can be stored (ie: pantry items)

Each of these items were thoughtfully selected so that each piece had a purpose.

Packing the dishes


  1. Start going through each cabinet and drawer and either donate, toss, or sell items that you do not want to bring to the new house

    • This was HUGE in helping to narrow down how many bins I would need

  2. Decide how many items you need to leave out, if you are not moving right away

    • We still need to have some cups, plates, bowls, tupperware, food, silverware, pots/pans, etc.

  3. Pack the extra dishes, cups, glasses, mugs first

    • Using the quilted china storage was so easy! They come with little dividers so that items don’t rub against one another.

    • These would be great for storing in your home too, if you don’t have a ton of cabinet space.

    • It is also great at keeping your dishes clean from dust/dirt.

  4. Pack the appliances, servingware, pots/pans, tupperware

    • I used the rolling totes for my small appliances as they are the most heavy and it made moving them around so much easier

    • The tupperware fits great in the non rolling totes as they are light enough and can be stacked easily

  5. Use extra newspaper/packing paper/packing peanuts to fill the totes if they have breakable items

    • This will help to keep everything safe and protected

  6. Place silverware in either a large tupperware container or freezer bag

    • Helps to not having silverware flying around and keeps it all in one place

  7. Save a couple totes for last minute items

    • I saved 2-3 totes to use for all the items that we are still using plus any food we have left over

Packing bins for the kitchen

I am so glad I went with actual totes for packing up the kitchen, especially. They won’t break and will keep our items safe. The quilted storage for the dinnerware is seriously AMAZING! It made packing those items so easy and they are so adorable! If our future kitchen doesn’t have a ton of storage like this one does, I will be using these to store extra place settings.

Finished packing the kitchen

The Container Store has some really great items for packing! They do have traditional cardboard boxes as well that can be purchased in store.


I hope these little packing hacks will help make packing, storing, or organizing your kitchen a bit easier! I am all about keeping an order to things and these helped me not to lose my mind while packing up our kitchen.

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Tips to Packing the Kitchen for Moving