The Best Way to Baby Proof Stairs

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We have found the best way to baby proof stairs! Dominic loves climbing the stairs lately so we needed to make some changes.

Since he turned 1 about a month ago, he has been non stop moving!

The Stair Barrier has been the best way to baby proof our stairs!

Baby Proofing the Stairs
The Stair Barrier

Our stairs have been Dominic’s best friend lately, however they are NOT our friends! He loves climbing the stairs and thinks it is so fun!

As much as we try to give him freedom to explore the house, we also need to protect him and keep him safe. We had been using a makeshift gate, but it wasn’t cutting it.

Dominic on the stairs with me in front of the stair barrier

We received The Stair Barrier and we have loved it ever since installing it! It is so easy to install and keeps Dominic and Freddy off the stairs!

I love that The Stair Barrier is simple to open and close. I can quickly open it with one hand while holding Dominic to bring him upstairs for his naps. It has 3 buckles that easily unclip and then it rolls up to the side when it is not in use. There is no bar that stays along the stairs when it is not being used either.

The Stair Barrier buckles for baby proofing the stairs

Installation was very easy. We used the spacers provided since we have a molding along our stairs. We only had to drill a couple holes and then we could install it. You can find videos here for installation tips!

The Stair Barrier can be installed on any stairway. We have the bannister to wall barrier, but they also have bannister to bannister barriers if that is how your staircase is set up.

The Stair Barrier not in use on the stairs

The Stair Barrier’s are made in the USA which is amazing! They are made of a soft yet sturdy fabric so Dominic can’t hurt himself on it if he does attempt to climb the stairs. Most are woven with Repreve which is a fiber made from recycled water bottles, how cool?!

It’s so aesthetically pleasing and it blends in with our decor. Since our stairs are the first thing you see when entering our house, I love that it’s not the first thing you notice when you walk in the door. We went with the modern grey and it’s beautiful!

The Stair Barrier has made such a difference in our playtime downstairs. He is free to roam without the possibility of him getting hurt on the stairs. It’s convenient and easy to use.

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I love that we have a baby proof solution for our stairs that also works with my style! Such a win!

Check out The Stair Barrier! There are lots of color options and you can personalize it, if you want!

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The Best Way to Baby Proof Stairs Using The Stair Barrier