How to Decorate with Furniture and Decor You Already Own

How to Decorate with Furniture and Decor You Already Own

I say this time and time again, but using decor and furniture that you have already in your home is the best way to decorate a new space!

I have repurposed tons of decor to create new and fun spaces like in our Summer Dining Room tour (HERE) or our reading nook update (HERE).

I'm sharing some tips on how you can decorate with furniture and decor that you already own so you don't have to buy new all the time!

First off, I want to make a disclaimer, I am a firm believer in only buying things that you absolutely love, not just because it's trendy or someone else loves it.  If you fill your home with pieces you love, you will always find a spot for them!

I have fallen victim to this in the past and now I have some pieces that need to be donated or sold at a yard sale because they are not my style or I don't truly love them.


  1. Keep old furniture if you still love it, but don't have a place for it at the time
    --You never know when you might want to use that piece
    --For instance, we didn't have a use for our pallet coffee table anymore since we are turning the sunroom into the playroom, but we reused it on our porch
  2. Decor is always changing so change with it
    -- If you have an item that you love, but maybe the color isn't your style anymore, PAINT IT!
    -- I have spray painted and chalk painted things to fit my style (lamps, light fixtures, picture frames, furniture)
  3. Use your creativity and repurpose
    -- Just because you bought something for one use, doesn't mean it always has to be used that same way
    -- I reuse rugs in different rooms of my home if I am tired of them in one room or if I make changes to the room and that rug doesn't fit that space any longer
  4. Move decor from one room to another
    -- Decor is not permanent and can be used all over the house.  Don't be afraid to move the items from your coffee table to your dining room table to create a new look
    -- This is something I am notorious for!  I collect like items and then use them in a new location.  It makes everything look brand new even though I already had the pieces!
  5. Move furniture from one room to another
    -- Just like decor, furniture is not permanent!  Move that couch in your living room to your family room, switch the end tables around, move the buffet into the entry way, put the accent chair in your bedroom!
    -- Since I can't be constantly buying new furniture, if I move around the furniture I have, it feels like brand new again!  I have rearranged our living room many times, I've moved our bedroom furniture to a different location, and switched around the furniture in the sun room.

These are just some small things you can do to repurpose pieces you already have!  You do not need to constantly buy new things and spend money in order to feel like your home has a refresh!

Honestly, moving things around in your home will be so satisfying and you will realize you actually have beautiful items that can be used all over the place!

I believe you already have the items in your house to create a warm and welcoming home, you just have to see the potential and realize you purchased these items for a reason!  Hone in on that reason why you purchased them and put the pieces to good use!

I truly hope this has helped you to realize that you can decorate with decor and furniture that you already have in your house!

Did these tips help you out?  Is there something you do with old pieces to give them new life?

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How to Decorate with pieces you already own