How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

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There are so many ways to decorate a Christmas, but these steps are how I decorate our Christmas tree using lots of decor from JOANN.

I love decorating our home for Christmas, check out our Winter Wonderland Christmas Dining Room, here.

Follow this simple tutorial on how to decorate a Christmas tree and you will have a beautiful and magical tree to admire all season long!

Christmas Tree

There are really no right or wrong ways to decorate a Christmas tree, however I have found some simple ‘rules’ I always go back to each year that I absolutely love!

We always get a real tree and this year we went with a Concolor Fir which we have never had before, but it is so pretty! It reminds me of a vintage Christmas tree. I love having a real tree because it smells so fragrant and just brings back so many fun memories of when I had a real tree growing up.

Concolor Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Tutorial

I found all my tree decorating supplies at JOANN. JOANN has the best selection of Christmas decor. I had so much fun shopping for all my Christmas tree decorations!

Christmas Tree Topper


  1. Start with the Christmas lights. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Weave the lights around the branches to ensure they stay put. I like to tuck the lights deep into the tree so the light peeks out from the inside too. We used the traditional mini lights along with these fun bigger bulbs to add different texture and lots of twinkle!

  2. Add the garland. I am using this beautiful yarn from JOANN. I love that it looks wispy and homemade. Start from the bottom and work your way up with the garland too! It’s ok if it’s not perfectly straight, I love how it drapes and hangs.

  3. I wanted to do something a little fun with ornaments and bows so I found these really cute bows (SIMILAR) that match the ribbon and twisted them around the branches all down the front of the tree. I then took these silver hanging bells (HERE and HERE) and placed them down the front of the tree too. I think it kind of centers the tree and gives it a focal point.

  4. Place the ornaments all over the tree. I went with a very traditional color scheme with these red jingle bells and bulb ornaments. I like picking a theme for the ornaments so that it all looks cohesive, but this is where you can really be creative and use any ornaments that you love!

  5. Next is the ribbon! I love this red plaid ribbon from JOANN because it reminds me of old and vintage ribbon. I used 1 spool and cut it into strips. I started at the top and started to work my down. I tucked the ribbon in and then created a bubble and then tucked in the section. I did this sporadically all over the tree so that the ribbon looks like it is weaving in and out all over the tree.

  6. Time for the tree topper! I wanted to create a unique tree topper for our tree! I used these large ornaments in red and gold (SIMILAR) and this long, silver ornament (SIMILAR) to create a cluster at the top of the tree. I then added these flocked eucalyptus stems and red berry stems to add some height. Another great place to get creative and use different things other than a typical tree topper!

  7. Lastly, the tree skirt! I found this gorgeous crochet fabric at JOANN and spread it over the bottom of the tree. I love that it looks vintage and is not competing with the tree. It really compliments the vintage look I was going with for our Christmas tree.

  8. Decorate around the tree! I like to add a few fun accents around our tree! This year, I added this cute wooden stool from JOANN to put the cookies for Santa! I found this adorable gingerbread cookie kit that we all decorated together for Santa Clause!

  9. LASTLY! Add the presents! We always have lots of presents because John Paul and I both come from big families! This year, I wanted to have a little fun with our wrapping paper and add my own touch to it. I made this fun craft paper wrapping paper using stamps and it was so easy! You can see this simple and festive tutorial on the JOANN app by clicking, HERE.

  10. ENJOY!!! After all your hard work of decorating, it’s time to relax, turn on the twinkle lights, and sip some hot cocoa!

Christmas Presents under the Tree
Decorated Christmas Tree

I hope that this was a helpful tutorial and maybe you learned a few new tricks for decorating your Christmas tree! Remember to have fun and be creative!

Check out JOANN for all your Christmas decor needs! You will be able to create the prettiest trees using all the fun pieces at JOANN.

Christmas Tree in the Living Room

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree