Reading Nook Update

I am kind of getting back to my roots today!  I started this blog because of my love of home decor and switching up different areas in our home.  Sooooo today, I am excited to share a little reading nook update with you!

This space was kind of created after I rearranged the living room (read it here).  I love sitting and relaxing here with a cup of coffee on the weekends while Dominic plays with John Paul.  It's just so cozy.  I was going to take photos of it the other day and I was like this looks kind of bland and plain so I started to play around a bit and it was so fun!  The creative juices were a-flowin' :) 


Reading Nook Update before

Dominic was just sitting playing and watching me in my element which was just the sweetest thing to witness as he watched me do something I love.  I always hope to instill in him to follow his dreams and to always pursue things he loves to do so I am so happy he gets to watch me do things that I love!

Reading Nook Update

Anyways, I digress...I love all the old and chippy and vintage pieces I have collected over the years so I wanted to bring some of them into this space.  I left the sign up from Penelope's Lace as the 'anchor' because I love the quote!  When I rummaged through our friend's old attic, I also found this old broken window pane (found some fun ones HERE) and grabbed it thinking I would do something fun with it.  I thought it would be a great statement piece to layer behind the end table and chair.  Some of the panes of glass have fallen out, but I think it just adds even more charm.  Next, I hung up this old washboard (found some fun ones HERE) that our friend also gifted to us.  It's missing one of the legs, but again, no worries on my end, I love the character!  Lastly, I wanted to create some dimension and really bring the space to life.  I hung up these mini locker baskets and stuck some greenery in them.  I think it is the perfect pop of color and the greenery adds some nice natural elements to the otherwise heavy objects.  

Reading Nook Update

I love that I have kind of created a little gallery wall of sorts around the reading nook.  It really gave this space a fun little twist and I was able to use a lot of pieces that didn't really have a place in our home.  Being able to create spaces in our home using items we already own is such a fun challenge for me and I love seeing all the ways I can reuse pieces to create a new look!

Reading Nook Update

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This was so fun for me to create and share with you! I encourage you to reuse items in your home and create new spaces!

Thank you for stopping by the blog!


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Reading Nook Update