How to Define Your Decor Style

How to Define Your Decor Style

I have worked tirelessly to define my decor style.  I have honed in on some things that I absolutely love & incorporate them into my home.  This is not something I learned overnight, but I did figure this out through some trial & error.

Before we bought our house, I was constantly on Pinterest looking through homes & deciding what I truly loved.  This was a great spring board to get some ideas for how I wanted our home to look & feel.

After doing lots of pinning, I went back to see what the common "theme" was.  For me, it was lots of whites, neutrals, antiques, & wood tones.  The beauty about this stage is that you can decide on any style you like as nothing is permanent.  

The next part is the most fun part which is putting these ideas into action.  This is where you are starting to define your decor style.  This can also be the most challenging part.  I once received advice from someone who said "only purchase things for your home that you absolutely love."  I have always used that motto & have passed that along to people trying to figure out their style. So now, I pass that onto you!

By looking at your inspiring Pinterest board, you can then start to purchase what you feel fits your style the most.  Maybe your style is rustic, modern, industrial, farmhouse, coastal, vintage, cottage, etc.  There are so many styles that you may even find that you have a mix of styles. Whatever your heart is guided towards is what you should focus on purchasing.  This will ensure that you are only purchasing things you truly love & will continue to enjoy for years to come. Also, you do not have to focus on purchasing all brand new items.  A home will feel like home when it has pieces you have collected through the years & that have meaning to you.  If something doesn't quite fit your style anymore, you can always give it a face lift with some paint or refinishing.  It will bring the piece up to date & will save you lots of money.

Some of my favorite places to find pieces for my style are all different Etsy Shops, Antique Farm House, Bourne Southern, Michael's, & Hobby Lobby.  The best part about these shops & stores is that if you purchase anything from them online, you can use your PayPal account!  PayPal makes shopping online so easy & also secure.  If you're like me & do a lot of online shopping, having PayPal is a huge advantage.  It's quick & convenient too!  Online shopping can be difficult since you cannot physically see the items before receiving them.  When you use your PayPal account, you can receive return shipping on us!  So if you order something & don't absolutely love it, you can send it back & PayPal will reimburse the shipping cost.  This helps with following my motto I mentioned before with only purchasing what you love!  Another great bonus: pay after delivery. This makes you feel secure when ordering online so that you are not charged until you receive what you order.  This ensures that what you expected to receive is what you actually receive. Win, win all around!

Here is a little glimpse at our living room right now for Spring.  These wall mounted galvanized holders are from Hobby Lobby along with the cotton wreath.  I do tend to switch out the florals for the season which gives the room a whole new look.  The beautiful ticking stripe pillows are from one of my favorite shops, Flat Creek Farmhouse.  These easily transition from season to season which gives me extra use of them.


The florals in the basket are from Michael's. These were recently bought during Michael's spring sale where they were 50% off. Another great idea to switch out florals for each season to give a different look to the space.

IMG_5026 (1).JPG

The NEST Scrabble Tiles are from Bourne Southern. These are the perfect little touch for our windows. They set the tone for our living room.


So let's recap!  Follow what your heart says & you can't go wrong.  A mix of styles makes your home unique & truly yours.  Don't be afraid to repurpose furniture & only buy what you absolutely love.  When buying online, be sure to use shops/sites that allow PayPal.  It will make your life so much easier!

What is your favorite decor style?  What are your favorite online decor sites?

Thank you for checking out the blog today!