The Bedtime Routine

Ever since Dominic was around 3 months we have had a similar bedtime routine and we love it! It's worked so well for us and has really helped to make bedtime much easier.  

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The bedtime routine is so simple, but it works!

Dominic having a bottle before bedtime

**I'm putting a disclaimer out there that I am not a sleep expert, but I am just sharing what has worked for us and what we have been doing.  There are obviously many ways that work, but this is just what we do :)

We moved up Dominic's bedtime from 9pm to 7pm when he was around 4 months and because he was used to the routine, he didn't have much trouble going to bed earlier.  It has actually helped him to sleep better and longer going to bed earlier.  

Dominic has been having a bottle for his last feeding of the night for a while now.  We give him the bottle between 6:45-7pm either downstairs or in his nursery.  We started at 5oz and have worked our way up to 8oz now.  Occasionally, he will have 9oz, but he seems to be pretty satisfied after 8oz.  

We then change his diaper, change him into his PJs (if we haven't done so already), swaddle him (now we put him in the sleep sack), and lay him in his crib.  

Next, we read him a book and give him kisses goodnight.  We always turn on the sound machine and sometimes we will turn on the humidifier if he is stuffed up.  

It's not fool proof and there are plenty of nights where we have to go back into his nursery to soothe him a little.  For the most part, Dominic knows the routine and knows to go to sleep after everything is done.  

He's discovered his voice so he will sometimes chat with himself before falling asleep (it's the cutest thing ever!!).  

He's also been teething so he has been needing a little more coaxing to go to bed, but we use this teething gel (HERE) and it seems to really help soothe those gums.

He now rolls and moves a lot in the crib so if he gets into an uncomfortable position, he will wake up and want help moving.

Dominic sleeps until at least 7am and sometimes longer.  It's nice because once he goes down for the night, John Paul and I have our time to relax together, catch up on shows, tidy up the house, and just enjoy being together before we head to bed.  I'm sure the routine will change as Dominic gets older, but for now, we love it!

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What does your bedtime routine look like?  Share in the comments below!

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The Bedtime Routine