Best Nursery Organization Tips

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Dominic’s nursery needed an overhaul so I am excited to share some of the best nursery organization tips I found while doing this.

You can see all the details of the nursery, HERE.

These are the best nursery organization tips for all the toys, outgrown clothing, baby essentials, and more!

Nursery Organization

I am so excited to reveal Dominic’s newly organized nursery! I organized his closet, his toys, and his outgrown clothes so I will be sharing all these nursery hacks I learned along the way!

I have teamed up with some friends of mine to share an organizational house tour! Each of us are sharing different spaces in our homes and how we organized them! If you are hopping over from, Kelly, The Tattered Pew, WELCOME and isn’t it amazing how she was able to organize a shared kids closet?!

Dominic’s room was not organized very well or thoughtfully. As he has grown into a toddler, things have got a little messy, especially in his closet with all of his outgrown clothing, extra toys, and baby items we don’t use anymore.

I got to browsing on The Container Store’s website and found some amazing pieces to help get this space organized. I found the best pieces for his nursery so that we can have some order in here.

Before of the Nursery closet
After of the Nursery closet


  1. Remove everything and create piles of what you want to keep, donate, or toss

  2. Start with the biggest problem area first (for us, it was the outgrown clothes)

  3. Organize thoughtfully by grouping like items together

  4. Use bins/storage boxes to organize your items that way each item has a home

  5. Label the boxes and bins


This closet was the area that needed the most work and attention. It had tons of outgrown clothes that weren’t organized well, sheets for our guest room, plus tons of miscellaneous items.

I first tackled all of the outgrown clothes since that was the majority of what needed to be organized. I had bins for them, but they weren’t functional or useful at all. I decided on these 4 large reisenthel gray boxes that zip and velcro. I didn’t want anything see through because I figured when I am out of the baby years and have donated most of the old baby clothes, I will be able to reuse these boxes for storage somewhere else. They are very deep and hold all of his clothes.

Nursery organization boxes

I organized the boxes into different sizes and labeled them using this label maker. This makes it easy to store clothes when he outgrows them. They all have a designated home and it’s all organized throughtfully.

On the top shelf of the closet, I added these Farmhouse style storage boxes. One is storing car seat pieces and mobile pieces. One is storing his baptism outfit, candle, prayer books, cross, etc. The last one has hats, socks, bibs, burp cloths, and socks.

Before of the nursery closet shelving
Nursery Closet shelving organization

Moving to the shelving on the right of the closet. I used these amazing Umbra crunch rectangle baskets to store the sheets for our guest room. I donated lots of sets of sheets that we don’t use anymore. These are a great organization hack because they can fit into any space since they crunch down. The handles make it easy to transport, if you want to move them around.

Also, on the shelving, I used these reisenthel small gray fabric boxes to organize the swaddles and swaddle blankets. We had a lot of these from when Dominic was little so I wanted dedicated boxes for these to easily access them for our next little baby!

I added these Millbrook hooks to the side of the closet so that we could hang extra bags up. They keep them off the floor and can be easily found.

I was able to toss a lot of the junk that was stored in here that we hadn’t looked at in so long! It felt so nice to clean this nursery closet out so that we can easily see what is in here.

Before of nursery toys
Nursery toys organization


  1. Decide what toys, books, and blankets you want in the nursery

  2. Group like items together

  3. Use bins and boxes to store toys

  4. Use a variety of bins: ones that can hide toys and ones that can be easily accessed by little ones

  5. Let the kids have fun and play and then clean the mess up when the day is over!

As far as the toys in the nursery, we needed a much better solution than what we were using. Since Dominic is now a toddler and plays with his toys a lot more frequently, I wanted some storage that was practical and functional, yet fit with his woodland themed nursery.

When I saw these adorable felt bear and elephant hampers, I knew they would be perfect for toy storage! They can be used as laundry baskets as well, but I thought for toys, they would be great as they are soft and if Dominic wants to play with them, he can’t break them! We store puzzles, little cars, and miscellaneous toys in each.

Nursery toys organized

Luckily, Dominic has an amazing bookcase built in to his room so we can keep his books and stuffed animals nice and organized here. Under the built in, I used this large canvas quilted bin to organize his trains, blocks, and wooden toys. He plays with this bin very frequently so I liked that it was easily accessible for him. Another great nursery organization hack, use bins that are easy to use for little ones!

Nursery book organization

I did want to keep some of his books out of the bookcase so I used this Umbra storage stool as a footrest for the rocking chair and put a ton of books in there. A great nursery hack is to switch out the books every few weeks so that he doesn’t get bored or should I say, we don’t get bored of reading the same ones over and over to him ;)

Nursery blanket organization

Last bit of organization for his nursery is the blankets! We have lots of baby blankets that were taking up a ton of room in the closet. I grabbed one of these Bigso flax storage bins and rolled the top down on it a bit. I rolled up the blankets so that we can easily see them all. They are so much more organized now and we can quickly grab one for Dominic to sleep with.

Organization is my jam! It makes me function better when I know a space is organized thoughtfully. The Container Store has the best organizing pieces! They have so many great options for all different rooms in your home. Be sure to check them out for all of your organizational needs!

I hope all these nursery organization tips have inspired you in some way to organize a room in your home. They don’t have to just apply to a nursery, but could work in any closet or space that needs a little organizational help!

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Best Nursery Organization Tips
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