Swim Class Review

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We have our last swim class tomorrow so I thought I would do a swim class review with all of our final thoughts!

I made a goal this year to do little adventures with our family this year and these swim classes have definitely been a fun adventure for us!

We started swim class a couple months ago and it was a great experience so I wanted to share a review with you.

Goldfish Swim School

We signed Dominic up for swim class with Goldfish Swim School in the beginning of January. He took 8 classes total. We have a pool at our house so we wanted Dominic to learn a bit about swimming and water safety. John Paul and I also wanted to learn about water safety and best swim practices for children.


Dominic was 16 months and turned 17 months while doing swim class. He was put into the Mini 2 level based on his age. The classes were each 30 minutes long and were once a week.

John Paul or I would get in the pool with Dominic which I think put him at ease even though he loves the water. Luckily, we almost always had the teacher to ourselves which was amazing!

Each class had a similar structure with learning how to float on his back, to kick, to pull the water, to swim back to the wall, plus more! There was always a fun part that included a slide, a boat, or walking/crawling on a floating device.

Dominic at swim class

Songs were sung at each class to help the kids learn different swim techniques. There is a floating goldfish, Bubbles, that was a huge hit with Dominic that was used to help him swim back to the wall, to chase while pulling the water, and kicking! He always looked forward to seeing Bubbles and would get so excited when he would see him throughout the Goldfish Swim School facility.

By the end of the 8 classes, Dominic was going under water and learning to swim back to the wall to find Bubbles. He would stand by the windows anxiously waiting for class to start and practically run to the pool when the door was opened! I think it’s safe to say that Dominic LOVED swim class!

Waiting for Swim Class


  • The instructors and staff: They are all incredible! So welcoming and happy! They greeted us with an ‘Aloha’ before every swim class! They were very excited for Dominic when he was swimming and always cheering him on.

  • The Facility: It’s the cutest place ever! It is decorated like a tropical oasis with cabana like seating, surf boards, fun colors, a fish tank, hair dryer bar, bathing suit dryers, cute changing rooms, clean bathrooms, and a shower area. It is immaculately clean which is always nice!

Swim class was not only a huge hit with Dominic, but also with John Paul and I! We loved how organized the staff was and always were so excited to see Dominic each week. We loved the set up of the swim classes and how they were fun, yet educational.

Swim Class


Although Dominic is still young, I think it is important to start swim classes early in their life. It certainly can’t hurt that they (and parents) are comfortable in water. I think we will take more swim classes when Dominic is older to keep these lessons instilled into his little brain. Plus, he loves the water and being a little goldfish so he has fun!

We could tell each week he was progressing and learning more and more. He is happy in the water and has fun, but has learned some new techniques as well.

Check out Goldfish Swim School if you are looking to start swim classes with your kiddos! They have lessons for all different ages, plus family swim options and you can have parties at their schools!

Dominic and I at swim class


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Swim Class Review