A Complete Guide To Creating Spaces Starting with Inspiration

 A Complete Guide To Creating Spaces Starting with Inspiration

I am excited to share a complete guide to creating spaces in your home that fit your family’s needs and style. This is part one which is all about inspiration.

I am a firm believer in using decor that you already have in your home. See my tips here.

My hopes for this complete guide to creating spaces is that you find your style and are able to hone in on it. Part one of this series is inspiration and where to find it!

Creating Spaces starting with inspiration

This guide is to help you in designing the home of your dreams. This will be a 3 part series to guide you through the process. I am also a part of a blog hop so I have teamed up with some other interior design bloggers who are all going to share their ideas on this process as well! BIG thank you to Brendt from She Gave It A Go for organizing this fun series :)

When I first moved into our home, I wanted to furnish it right away, but I stopped that thought quickly when I realized I had to first find my style and what I truly loved.

We didn’t even paint a room until we had lived in the house for a bit and decided what colors I really loved. Now, if we were to move again, I would paint right away, but that’s because I have found my style and paint colors that I love.

When I am going to design a room, I first need to find inspiration for the space and what I am envisioning. Remember this is a process and something that takes time.


My first step is always to turn to Pinterest. If you have no idea what you love and don’t love, just search Pinterest for ‘living room ideas,’ ‘dining room ideas,’ etc. Hundreds of thousands of photos will come up and you can create boards for each room in your home. After you have a good amount of photos pinned, take a look and see what the trends are, what you gravitate towards the most, what colors stand out, what types of furniture you like, etc.

These are inspiration photos and ideas for you to recreate in your homes. It does not have to be exact because this is YOUR dream home that you are creating. Interior design is a creative process so if you want to blend 2 styles together, do it, if you want to mix patterns, do it! IT’S YOUR HOME, SO MAKE IT YOURS!

When you have settled on a certain style or styles, you can look on IG and search that style of home decor for even more ideas. You can also find magazines with your favorite style and look at those for further inspiration.

I think inspiration is so crucial in designing your house. I know I fell for ‘trends’ and things that weren’t really my style when I first started to decorate our house. I am now a HUGE believer in only bringing in things to your home that you truly love! If you are decorating with pieces you absolutely love, you will have a home that you truly love and adore.

I am going to walk you through the evolution of our living room from when we bought it almost 3 years ago until today!

Living Room Before
Living Room After paint
Living Room now

It has taken me almost 3 years to finally commit to a style in our house to create a cohesive look. It didn’t happen overnight and I have done some trial and error to get to where my house is now.

Finding inspiration first is the perfect guide for how you will decorate your home. If you have one idea/concept to follow, every decision you make to design your home, will be much easier because you have one end goal in mind.

I hope this helps you in starting your home decor process. Inspiration is the first place to start so that you can find things that you truly love to use in your home.

Next week, we will dive into how to turn these ideas and styles into a reality!


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Creating Spaces starting with Inspiration
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