How to Turn Design Inspiration into Reality

How to Turn Design Inspiration into Reality

Welcome back to our Creating Spaces Guide with part 2 where we are going to dive into how to turn the design inspirations into reality.

If you missed part 1 about inspiration, be sure to check that out HERE to get caught up.

Now that you have your inspiration, let’s figure out how to turn these designs into a reality for you and your home!

Living Room barn doors

This guide is to help you in designing the home of your dreams. This is part 2 of the series to guide you through the process. I am also a part of a blog hop so I have teamed up with some other interior design bloggers who are all going to share their ideas on this process as well! BIG thank you to Brendt from She Gave It A Go for organizing this fun series :)

Now that you have all those inspiring photos from Pinterest, IG, magazines, books, etc, what do you do with them all? How do you narrow it all down to really hone in on that style that fits your family’s needs?


Start by looking at all the photos of one specific space and see what stands out the most. Look at the colors, wood tones, textures, and lines. Pull out the favorites from each photo and you can combine everything into your style.

For me, my eye was drawn to blues, creams, whites, natural wood tones, curves, and textures. I then was able to apply these favorites to my home and style.

Living Room couch

This helps me decide on what kind of furniture and decor to buy. This is a HUGE help to only purchase what you TRULY love rather than following trends that may not be your favorite style. I think in doing this, you create more of a timeless and classic style.

Like I have said, this didn’t happen overnight. I tried other pieces of decor and furniture until I came to what my living room looks like now.

Obviously, this part of the process will look different for everyone. It will also change over time as your family’s needs change.

For instance, I would love to have more decor around on the end tables and coffee table that fit into my style, however at this season of life, with having a little almost 17 month old son, that is not feasible. I would be constantly moving things which I just don’t have the time to do. Instead, I have simplified my decor on these areas that Dominic can easily reach so I am not always chasing around that little piece of decor.

Living room chair

At this step in the process, you may begin to look around the decor and furniture you already have and see if it fits into your discovered style. If not, do not worry, I have tips coming in the next part of the series on how to implement all your style ideas using pieces you already have.

You may also want to start browsing online at different retailers to see what kind of furniture and decor is out there. There is no need to purchase just yet, unless you see something that truly stands out as a MUST HAVE piece. Remember, you don’t want to buy just to buy, but to purchase with a plan (another topic we will cover next!).

Browsing online can help you to realize the prices of your preferred style and what you may need to save for or what you can afford at the time. This is part of the reality of decorating, it is not typically something that can be done all at once. Decorating is a process so it’s fun to enjoy it!

Turning the design inspirations into a reality is the fun part because you are filtering down to your style. This is the step that you can really discover what you love and want for your home.

Living room corner

You can be as creative as you want with your home so pick out the elements that speak to you the most! Then you can turn these into a reality in your home.

Next week, we will take all these design inspirations that have now turned into realities and bring them to life in your home by implementing some tips that I have used in our home!


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