How to Implement Design Ideas

Welcome to Part 3 of the Creating Spaces series where we will show you how to implement all your design ideas.

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Now that you have your design ideas and how to turn them into a reality, it’s time to implement them into your own home!

Implementing Design Ideas

This guide is to help you in designing the home of your dreams. This is part 3 of the series to guide you through the process. I am also a part of a blog hop so I have teamed up with some other interior design bloggers who are all going to share their ideas on this process as well! BIG thank you to Brendt from She Gave It A Go for organizing this fun series :)

Turning your design ideas into reality is when you realize what you are really drawn to so now you can implement those ideas into your home. This is the part of the process where all the planning and preparation comes together!

Living Room design ideas


The first step is to take a look at everything you already have in your home. Look and see what furniture you already have and can make work in your new space. Be sure to check out all the rooms of your home for furniture AND decor. Remember, you can always paint something to give it a new look and feel. I have a whole post on how to use furniture and decor you already own that goes more into detail, read it HERE.


The second thing to do is browse online. Take the design elements that you love and really dive into researching the stores that sell your favorite design elements. Take your time during this step and be sure to only purchase things that you need and things that you love. Remember, the point is to only bring in items that fit your family’s needs and your style. You can also go into local home stores, antique shops, furniture stores, etc to find unique pieces. Also, check your local FB marketplace for furniture. I have found lots of great pieces there that I have painted to fit my needs. I found Dom’s changing table on there actually, read about it HERE.

Look for furniture pieces first. This will be where you spend most of your money so you don’t want to go overboard on a small piece of decor if you really want a new couch or table. If you find your dream piece of furniture, but it is not in the budget right now, no worries! You can always save for it and check the site/store for when they are having sales/coupons/etc.

Living Room barn doors


This is the most fun part for me. Seeing it all come together. Start decorating with what you have purchased or already have in your home. Rearrange furniture to better suit your needs. Paint the furniture or decor that you already have to fit better in your spaces.

During this step, you may find that certain pieces don’t go as well as you thought or that you need something different so ‘shop your home’ for something else. This step may take the longest because most likely, you won’t have everything you need or want at once due to budget or that you can’t find everything you want at the same time. No worries, this is the fun part, remember?!

This step took me about 3 years to really nail down. I had other furniture in our living room until I found the pieces my heart truly loved and that functioned best for our family’s needs. I made do with what we had until we could afford to upgrade and found what I really wanted for the space. Now that I have all the furniture in our living room that I love, I can just make small tweaks to decor each season or if I am tired of something.

Living Room style

Implementing your design ideas is when all your hard work comes to fruition. This is when you get to bring everything to life! Have fun with this stage. This step is ever evolving as your family’s needs change and seasons change. You know your style now so don’t be afraid to express it LOUDLY in your home!

I truly hope this series has helped you in some way to create the space of your dreams! You deserve to love where you live! Your home is your safe haven so you should enjoy being there.

I would love to hear from you if you follow any of these steps! Be sure to leave comments with your progress!


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How to Implement Design Ideas
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