Kitchen Lights

With our kitchen makeover we also wanted to update the lighting.  Lots of old and dated track lighting plus a fan that was never used is what we had before we switched them all out. 

The lights in here were pretty hideous!  I am so glad we made the switches!

Kitchen Lights above the sink
Kitchen Lights above the oven

I have never been a huge fan of track lighting, but honestly, the new ones (HERE) we put up aren't bad at all. They look like mini barn lights and they match the look of our kitchen really well! They give a lot of light for our kitchen which is great because we don't get too much natural light in here since there is a vine growing up the windows. We did switch out the original bulbs ] for LED versions because the lights got really hot and LED bulbs don't get hot.

Pendant over the island

For the fan, we replaced it with a barn light pendant (HERE). I had the electrician attach a hook into the ceiling so that it could hang centered above the island. I love the look of it! It is also pretty bright for only having 1 bulb.

Here is what we had BEFORE:

The new lights are all a matte black which coordinate really well with the cabinet hardware.  They give such great farmhouse vibes which I'm loving with our new back splash!

Track Lights above refrigerator

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If you have some track lighting in your home, don't be afraid to update it with new track lights!  I was surprised at how much I actually really love the new track lights we put up!

What do you think of our updated lighting?

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Kitchen Lights