Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

I am so excited to be celebrating my 1st Mother's Day with my favorite little man, Dominic, this year!  He makes being a Mom the best job EVER!  I am so grateful and honored to be his Mama!  My heart just bursts with love every time I'm around my little bear!

Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

I thought I would put together a gift guide for you.  You can give this to your kiddos or hubby for ideas or gift some of these to your Mom or a special Mama in your life!

Farmgirl Flowers.  These are seriously STUNNING bouquets of flowers.  They have so many gorgeous options, the packaging is beautiful, and they are long lasting!  John Paul has gotten me some a few times and each have been unique and different.  Check out their site HERE.

Homemade gifts.  These can be anything!  If you look on Pinterest, there are so many good ideas out there, but I thought I would include this because this would be so sweet for kids to give to their Mom or Grandma.  They are also super sentimental--pull at the Mama heart strings ;)

Jewelry.  I was always that person that said I would never want my kids names/birthstones/etc on jewelry, buttttt I can say I have 100% changed my mind on this and I hope to have a necklace made with Dominic's initial that we can eventually add more initials to for any future babies!  Etsy has so many amazing small shops to support that make gorgeous and unique pieces.  Check it out HERE.

Books.  If you have an avid reader for a Mama, finding a new book would be the perfect gift for her!  I also love cookbooks!  They make for a pretty gift and they're useful.  My favorite right now is the new Magnolia Table Cookbook.  Order it on Amazon Prime HERE

Beauty Set.  There are so many beautiful gift sets available at Sephora or Ulta that they are the easiest thing to gift a special Mom in your life!  They usually are a good bang for your buck and you get some really fun beauty items that you can try out!  For Sephora sets, click HERE.  For Ulta  sets, click HERE.

Candles.  Candles are such a fun gift to receive and to give.  There are literally thousands of candles to choose from out there, but my favorites are finding small shops on Etsy.  These makers put so much time and effort into creating a beautiful candle.  They have such yummy scents too!  Check some out HERE.

A home cooked meal or take Mama out!  This is a fun idea to treat your Mom so that she can have a day off from cooking.  Take her to a fave brunch spot or get dressed up and take her to a fun dinner.  Or bust out the cookbooks and make a 3 course meal for her!  She deserves it, right?!  You could also do breakfast in bed with the kiddos.  How sweet?!

Cards.  There is nothing more that I love than a fun card!  A handmade one from the littles would would be extra special.  Finding the perfect card for Mom is such a treat!  My fave place to find cards is Legacy Publishing Group or Seedlings.  All of Legacy cards are part of their Buy a Card Feed a Child program so you would be helping a great cause by supporting Legacy.  Read more about the program HERE.  They have so many pretty options and I think you would find the perfect card to add to your gift or to simply give as the gift.  A little handwritten note inside would be the icing on top!

Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

I hope this mini round up helps you out and gives you some ideas!  How do you celebrate Mother's Day?  I would love to hear in the comments :)

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