18 Month Old Schedule

Yesterday Dominic turned 18 months old so I thought I would share an update including his little schedule.

It’s hard to believe my baby is a year and a half, it feels like he just turned 1!

This is just our 18 month old schedule and what works for us and our family, however your child and family’s needs may be different so just keep that in mind.

18 Month Old

Now that Dominic is a full blown toddler, cue the tears, we have established a little bit of a different schedule that has worked really well for us. I also haven’t given a Dominic update in a while so I thought I would share what he’s been up to lately!

Dominic is constantly on the go. He never stops moving, running, playing, falling, dancing, stomping, climbing, eating, etc! He is very busy and I love it! He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure.

He still loves to eat, but has recently become a bit more picky. Veggies are a bit tougher to get him to eat so we have gotten creative with trying to find veggie tots. Sometimes he doesn’t want to eat chicken, but that kind of depends on the day? Even bananas which he has loved for so long aren’t his favorite anymore. I know this is a phase, but it can be tiring at meal times to find things he will eat without always giving him peanut butter toast!

He loves to use a spoon or fork. He hasn’t quite mastered them, but he is close. If he sees us using a spook or fork, he instantly wants to use one too. He loves his sippy cups, but when we have glasses of water, he is reaching for them and wanting to use them.

Dominic outside

Dominic is down to 1 nap a day usually for about 2-3 hours. It’s nice a little break for me and he needs it considering how active he is throughout the day.

He loves the water and bathtime. He loved doing his swim lessons and learning to go underwater. This summer should be fun with him at the pool!

He is babbling and chatting like crazy! He says lots of sounds and definitely gets his point across. He will be talking in no time. He understands what we are telling him or explaining to him which is the cutest thing for him to realize what we are saying to him.

Dominic loves his blocks and legos. Cars are fun to play with too! He also loves playing with his little sports set. He loves reading books and watching Moana!

He has about 10 teeth with more coming in right now. It’s crazy how different he looks with a mouth full of teeth!

18 Month Old Routine

We can’t wait for true Spring weather so we can get outside every day. On the nicer days, when he is outside, he loves it and never wants to come inside. He stands by the door pointing to go out even when it’s so freezing out!

Sleep has been pretty good. He has been going through a little phase where he gets up and can’t settle himself back to sleep so we end up rocking him for a little. I don’t mind it as it gives me time to cuddle him which he doesn’t do much these days, but that’s not to say, it’s not tiring. Luckily he does this around 10:30/11pm so we are not in full on sleep mode so it makes it a little easier, but not much, haha!


This is a little bit of how our days look with Dominic’s eating and sleep schedule included.

7:30-9am: Wake up, get dressed for the day, put on Immunity Roller, and have breakfast

9am-12pm: Play time, errands, play dates, etc

12/12:30pm: Lunch

12:30/1pm: Naptime

3-4pm: Wake up from naptime

3/4-5:15: playtime, take a walk, errands

5:15/5:30pm: dinner time

6-7pm: playtime or bath

6:45pm: Start the bedtime routine—brush teeth, change into PJs, put on Immunity Roller and SleepyIze Roller, turn on the humidifier and sound machine, read a book, bedtime!

Of course the routine changes daily depending on what time he wakes up/what we have planned for the day, but this is generally the schedule we follow. The times may be off, but as far as the routine, it is the same each day.

I was nervous when Dominic went down to only 1 nap, but it has been amazing! We can do so much more and I can get a lot done during his nap.

I seriously cannot believe my baby is 18 months old! Where did the time go? It’s also surreal to think he is going to be an older brother in just about 5 months!!!!


Does your toddler follow a schedule?

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18 Month Old Schedule