Dominic turns 1

Dominic turns 1 today! It’s surreal and bittersweet that we have already had him here for 1 whole year.

I keep going back to reread his birth story and I can’t believe that was already 1 year ago!

Dominic turns 1 year old today!

Dominic holding his newborn photo

This first year of Dominic’s life has been the fastest year ever! It feels like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital to see if my water had actually broken.

They always say, the days are long, but the years are short and I never truly understood that saying until having Dominic. Where did this year go?! Where is my tiny little baby?!

I kept track of all his milestones, always wishing and wanting for him to do the next thing: be awake more, do tummy time, play with his piano gym, sit up alone, start eating solids, eat table food, start crawling, start walking, etc. Hindsight is to just be present and savor the milestone he was doing at the time. But, first time Mom excitement, right?!

Dominic laughing

Dominic is so active these days and literally sits still for about 1 second before he is off to something else. He crawls so fast and can go from room to room in no time. There is no chance of me sitting and relaxing when he’s awake!

He loves to stand and pull himself up. He uses his walker to walk all over the house. He creeps along the furniture too. He can walk while holding our hands, but hasn’t yet mastered walking alone, which I am completely ok with!

He thinks it’s so fun and funny to climb the stairs. He sits at the top of the landing and looks down so proud of himself as I am right behind him cheering him on!

Dominic loves the songs from Moana and Lion King. He will instantly calm down if he hears them. It’s great for when we want to eat dinner really quick and can entertain him for 5 seconds while we eat.

Dominic hitting his hand on the step

He loves cards and photos. It’s so cute to watch him look through them and hold them. He will carry them around the room and put them in his toy basket and then take them out.

We still have yet to find a food that he doesn’t love. The kid is a tank and eats more than me somedays, I swear! He is a good eater which is amazing!

Dominic babbles all the time. He loves chatting with himself and with us. He says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and lots of other words that we can’t make out.

He loves playing with blocks. When we build a tower with them, he laughs so hard and then knocks it over. He loves to carry around a few blocks at once.

His new thing is sitting on the couches. He tries to climb the couches so we put him on the couch with us and he thinks it is the coolest thing ever!

Dominic's 2 teeth

Dominic has 2 teeth on the bottom and I believe he is getting some more teeth. We shall see!

We took him apple picking this month and he loved trying all the apples and crawling around the orchard. We plan to take him again when the weather is a little cooler and maybe get some pumpkins!

We flew back to MA again to visit my parents. This was an interesting flight, he did great, but he does not sit still so keeping him entertained was quite the feat!

He is starting to really love reading and looking at books. He will sit and just flip through the pages, it’s so sweet!

Dominic has the most lovable personality. He is so laid back and go with the flow. He loves everyone and isn’t shy at all.

He does this adorable little pouty lip thing. He’s so funny when he does it!

Dominic's pouty lips

He gives the best kisses and hugs and I could just eat him up when he gives me his big neck squeezes.

He weighs 22.7lbs and is 30.5” tall! He wears all 12 month clothing or 12-18 months, and some 18 months. We have had to kind of make the 9 month clothes work since we don’t have many summer clothes in bigger sizes and these days have been super hot around here!

Dominic is so happy! He is healthy, thriving, and learning new things every single day!

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Dominic Anthony!

What a whirlwind of a year this has been, in the best possible way! Dominic has added so much love and happiness to our lives that we never realized was missing.

Motherhood is the most rewarding yet challenging thing I have ever experienced. How something so tiny can completely energize you, yet tire you out at the same time, is just wild. I am so grateful to have John Paul as my co-pilot on this whole parenthood adventure!

As I’m writing this post (9/19/18 at 3:20pm), I just looked at the time and realized that this is around the time 1 year ago, that my water broke (without me really knowing) and the journey to Dominic’s birth began! I will cherish and remember that day for the rest of my life.

It’s truly crazy that Dominic turns 1 today! Happy birthday to the sweetest, little boy!

You make your Mom and Dad very proud, Dominic! I hope you always feel how loved you are by your entire family! We love you, little bear!


A HUGE thank you to all of you for being so invested and excited about these Dominic updates this past year. It means a lot that you care about our little boy :)

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Dominic Turns 1