Vintage Pieces

Vintage Pieces

I decided to do a little round up of some of my favorite vintage pieces that I have in my home & give a little story about them.  Some I have shared before & some are new to the blog.

I needed a little break from our kitchen reno and what better way to take a break, than to explore all the vintage goodies around our house!

These are my favorite vintage pieces we have right now!

vintage gate

Wrought Iron Gate:
This piece I found at one of my favorite shops called The Tattered Tulip.  This thing weighs a ton so to hang it on the wall was super fun LOL!  The shop owner told me that this piece was from a farm in the Adirondacks.  I love all its' chippy character.  It is the perfect anchor for above the couch.  What's fun is that I can switch out that cotton stem wreath each season, however I have been using that wreath for a while now because I love it so much.

vintage chalkboard

I found this piece at another local antique store, The Blue Lady.  I am not sure the back story of this piece, but it looks like an old window that was replaced with a chalkboard.  Either way, I love it!  I am constantly changing the writing on the chalkboard with new inspirational type quotes.  I even have used it for writing down our menu for the upcoming week!

Potting Bench:
I use this rustic potting bench as my coffee bar.  The shop owner at The Blue Lady told me that a local man made the potting bench years ago & was ready to pass it along to a new owner which happened to be me!  It has some weathered holes sprinkled throughout the piece which make it so charming.  Maybe one day I will use it as a potting bench, but for now it works perfectly as a coffee bar.

potting bench

Barn Door:

I have shared this door with you all before, but I had to include it in this round up because I love it so much!  This was found in my basement!  I have never been so happy to go in my old & scary basement once I found this down there.  Read all about the details here.

vintage barn door

Blue Table #1
I'm not too sure of any back stories about this table, but I sure do love the style of it!  I found this at a local store called Bella Casa & it is the perfect table for our sitting nook in our mudroom.  It has definitely been refinished & had the cute little knob added to it, but I love its' charm!  The sides can fold down so it can be a lot more narrow too.  The little drawer is perfect for storing odds & ends.  It's so simple, but so cute!

vintage blue table

Blue Table #2:
I guess I like blue tables?  This table I do have a back story on.  I got it from The Blue Lady & was told that this piece was made by a local woodworker who took apart all different types of furniture to create this table.  The legs look like spindles & the sides look like parts of a headboard.  I can only imagine the life of the furniture pieces before they became part of this table.

vintage table

Church Pew:
I had been wanting an old pew for a while & when we told our friend that we wanted one, he said he knew someone getting rid of old pews!  What a coincidence!  I quickly scooped it up & gave it a big makeover.  Check out all the before photos here!

vintage church pew

Ice Cream Parlor Chairs:
These chairs kind of happened upon me one day.  I was out & about shopping & popped in a cute little boutique when I saw these!  I knew they had to come home with me.  They were green, but I gave them a quick paint job & now they make the perfect accent in our living room.  Right now I have them styled pretty simply, but I do dress them up from time to time.  Although we don't actually use them to sit in (I don't think they're very sturdy), we do appreciate all the history & life these chairs have seen.

vintage ice cream parlor chairs

Another basement find!  Can you believe it??!!  I couldn't!  I had to wait a while for my hubby to be convinced that we needed this in our dining room & not downstairs hiding away in the gross basement.  Now he is so happy we have it as it stores a lot of our kitchen wares!  It was pretty nasty at first, not going to lie, but we put some elbow grease into it & now it's a beautiful piece in our home.  Read more about it here.

vintage cabinet

So what do you think of my round up?  I love vintage & unique furniture pieces.  I think it makes your home feel more timeless.  What are some of your favorite pieces in your home?

Thank you for stopping by the blog!



Vintage Pieces