A Rae Dunn Tablescape

I thought it would be fun to create a Rae Dunn Tablescape using all my favorite pieces!

See this Fall tablescape using some Rae Dunn pieces too.

I used a lot of Rae Dunn clay pieces to create this fun and fresh tablescape! 

Rae Dunn Table

Rae Dunn is all the rage these days!  I admit, I contribute to the frenzy, but only to an extent.  I am so thrilled when I find a piece I have been looking for, but I don't go all out looking for certain pieces. I have quite a collection now so I am a bit picky about what I want to collect.

I love Rae Dunn Clay & the shape of the pottery. I love the lettering of it & how unique each piece is. Each season Rae comes out with new lines & they are all better than the last. (Yes, Rae & I are on a first name basis LOL). The mugs are so perfect for morning coffee time as they hold A LOT! The bowls are so cute & I use them for all different things. The canisters I have are actually holding items in them. I use the platters for small parties or to serve dinner on.  Basically, my collection gets some good use which is the best part of Rae Dunn Clay.

Rae Dunn
Rae Dunn platter


I decided to create this fun table scape using some of my Rae Dunn pieces. I chose all inspirational mugs because who doesn't love a little happy thought while sipping some coffee or tea? I used my favorite plates to serve as the base & topped it with a Rae Dunn bowl & a dish towl. I spread out some extra fabric I had from reupholstering my chairs as the table runner. The little wood coasters are from TJ Maxx/Home Goods. The glass jars are from Hobby Lobby & filled with greenery from Hobby Lobby.

Rae Dunn centerpiece


I put together the centerpiece using one of boutique line pieces from Rae Dunn that I found at a cute little boutique on our trip to Texas. I stuck some Lamb's Ear in there which is my all time favorite greenery!

Rae Dunn place setting
Rae Dunn bowl
Rae Dunn Let's Eat bowl
Rae Dunn munch bowl

Are you a Rae Dunn Clay collector?

Rae Dunn Tablescape


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A Rae Dunn Tablescape