We're Selling the House

This is a little bittersweet to be sharing, but we’re selling the house!

It’s been 3 years since we bought our first house and now we are moving.

I have been keeping this little secret for some time as we prepared and got things ready around here to sell the house!

Dominic with the for sale sign

We officially put the house on the market on Monday! This has been a tough decision to come to, but ultimately we know this is going to be the best decision for our growing family.


We moved to Buffalo in March of 2014 from Rhode Island for my job at the time. John Paul was able to transfer to an office here in Buffalo so it made the transition pretty easy. John Paul went to college in Buffalo and is from Rochester, which is about an hour away from here, so he was familiar with the area a bit.

When we decided to move to Buffalo, we weren’t married and had no kids so it was an exciting opportunity to check out a new city together! We weren’t really thinking about being away from family at the time. I’m from Massachusetts so this was a pretty far move away from my family (6 hour drive!).

We lived in an apartment for a couple years before buying our house in March of 2016. We absolutely loved this house as soon as we saw it online!


This house is definitely not a starter home, but we loved it! We have done so much work to it to transform it into our style. See the differences from when we bought until now, HERE.

It’s crazy to look back at all the hard work we have put into this house. For first time home owners, I am proud of everything we learned these past 3 years in order to make this house into our home.

We have made so many amazing memories in this house from welcoming Dominic home and watching him grow these past 19 months, to finding out we are adding a baby girl to our family, to adding our little pup, Freddy to the fam, to countless dinner parties, family gatherings, cookouts, celebrations, laughs, tears, and everything in between!

We have LOVED living in this house!!!


This decision has been a long time in the making. I think we always knew we wouldn’t be here forever. I think this was made even more clear when Dominic was born. We want him to grow up near family. We do have John Paul’s sister very local to us, which is amazing, but we wanted to be close to grandparents.

When we found out I was pregnant a 2nd time, we really thought about what we wanted for our future. Living in Buffalo has been great to us, but with a growing family, we need more help from family. This was important to us and so we knew we would need to make a change.

My good friend is a realtor and she advised us that right now is a great time to sell and we could get top dollar for our house this Spring. If we waited another year, she wouldn’t be able to guarantee that we could list it for the same price.

This news along with having a new baby on the way, we decided that this year would be best for our family to sell. This way we can raise 2 young babies with family nearby and have easier access to help when we are in the trenches of the newborn stage.

House for Sale


So, the house is officially on the market and we will be doing an open house in the next couple of weeks before reviewing any offers. We pray that it sells quick so that we can get to moving most of our things before the baby comes in August.

We will be living in Rochester and will look for houses when this house sells, which is another reason we want this house to go quickly!

We are SO excited for this new journey. Although it is sad to close this chapter of our lives, we know that this is the best decision for our family right now.

It is definitely strange to see our house listed for sale, but we are trying to make it less personal and realize that this is just a house and we will never forget the memories we made here.

This house dates back to 1811, so we are honored to be able to add our own little touch to the rich history of this house. We have added some new chapters to the book of this house that would not have been there had we not purchased this house. We will forever be a part of this house’s story!

I can’t wait to see what house we will be living in next and to start new projects! I think this new house will be a bit different as I have really nailed down my style and how I want our house to feel.

If you know anyone looking for a house in the Buffalo area, please be sure to share the listing with them, we would be very grateful!

Prayers for a quick and easy sell so that we can get things settled before baby’s arrival at the end of August!!

Thank you SO much for all the love and support of our home these past 3 years!!! We are excited for you to follow along on this moving process with us! We know it will be stressful at times, but worth it in the end!

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We're Selling the House