Tips for Winterizing Your Home

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Living in Buffalo, NY, we get some pretty harsh winters so I have rounded up some amazing tips for winterizing your home!

We may have our porch all ready for the Christmas season, but it is also important to have the inside ready for the cold weather ahead!

These tips for winterizing your home are easy ways to save you money on your energy bills this winter!

Winterizing Your Home

During the colder months, there are several ways that you can save money on your energy bills. Winterizing your home is so crucial in doing this.

The best way to lower your energy bills and energy consumption is to upgrade your natural gas equipment and appliances to more energy efficient ones. Over time and along with National Fuel’s Conservation Incentive Program, you will save money on your energy bills.

The Conservation Incentive Program (CIP) from National Fuel allows you to receive rebates on energy efficient appliances that you have upgraded. Check out the site here to see if you qualify by filling out the form. This program applies towards businesses and homes!

Winterizing Your Kitchen

I totally understand that upgrading appliances may not be in the budget right now, but there are more tips that can help with lowering your energy bill! These are some of the things we have done in our home and have seen a drop in our bills!

  1. Set your thermostat between 65-70 degrees and at 58 degrees when you are not home (this helps to lower your heating bill by about 5-15%!!)

    • There are programmable thermostats that you can install so that you don’t have to worry about changing the thermostat each day ;)

  2. Change or clean furnace air filters monthly!

    • furnaces consume less energy with a clean filter

  3. Close vents and doors in unused rooms/space

  4. Close the damper on the fireplace

  5. Set the water heater to the medium temperature setting

  6. Drain a quart of water from the bottom of the water heater every 3 months to drain sediment

  7. Insulate the water heater using an insulation blanket in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines

  8. Install water flow restrictors in shower heads and faucets

  9. Place a sheet of aluminum foil between the wall and the radiator to reflect heat back into the room

  10. Run the washing machine and dryers with full loads of laundry

  11. Open the curtains/blinds on sunny days to allow the sun to heat the room

    • Close them at night to keep in the heat

  12. Caulk around holes/gaps in the windows/doors

    • Use vinyl foam around larger holes/areas

  13. Place insulation shrink kits around drafty windows

Click here to print this CHECK LIST of the above winterizing tips so that you can be sure to complete these in your home!

Winterizing Kit

I hope these winterizing tips help you and bring you lower energy bills this winter season!

Be sure to check out all the tips on National Fuel’s website :)

Winterize the Dining Room

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Tips for Winterizing Your Home