Tips for Finding Your Dream Home

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If you are looking for your dream home, I have lots of fun tips for you!

Looking back at our home buying process from 2 years ago, we learned a lot and I shared my advice on what we wish we would’ve known beforehand, HERE.

Today, I have some tools and tips you can use for finding your dream home!

Using Snap & Search

Finding a home can be stressful, but there are ways that you can avoid all of that and find your perfect home!


1. Head to Pinterest—search on Pinterest for styles of homes that you love! You can search by all different architectural exteriors and find lots of homes in your favorite style.

After searching Pinterest and finding the exterior style of your dreams, you can use the Snap & Search tool from to find a similar home in your designated location!

This tool can help find those Pinterest worthy homes right in your home town! How cool, is that?

Another fun feature of this tool, is you can use your own photos that you have taken to search for homes. For example, say you are visiting somewhere and you find a home that you love, you could take a photo of it and then upload it into the Snap & Search tool and it will find similar homes in your area!

This tool is so fun to use! I may have tried finding a home like Joanna Gaines in my area ;) This tool is in BETA too so there will be more features coming down the pipeline which is exciting!

2. Make a must have and nice to have list—ask yourself what are the most important things to you in your dream home? What are the things you cannot live without? What are things that you would like to have, if possible, but aren’t 100% necessary?

You can actually search on for must have items and nice to have items making this tip super easy! They have a variety of unique features to search by which is so helpful.

3. Stick to your budget—no need to stress yourself out and spread yourself too thin. Find homes within your price range. You want to continue to be able to do things you enjoy and not only pay your mortgage. That was some advice we received when we were purchasing our first home!

On, you can see the listing price after using the Snap & Search tool to narrow down your results from the photo you inserted. This will help to keep you on track and within budget.

If you are looking for your dream home, stay positive and keep looking! You don’t need to settle in order to find your perfect house! Of course there may always be something that you wish you had, but you can always make a house your dream home!

I’m a firm believer of loving where you live. A house becomes a home when it is filled with love and memories! Once you’ve bought your dream home, you can decorate with what you already have and I have a bunch of tips to help you do that, here!

Dominic snuggling

Using the Snap & Search tool , you will be able to find your dream home right in your preferred neighborhood!

I highly recommend going to play around with the Snap & Search tool on I think you will have so much fun exploring the houses in your neighborhood that match your dream Pinterest pins!

Have you used any of these tips for finding your dream home?

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Tips for Finding Your Dream Home