Tips for Flying with a Toddler

Tips for Flying with a Toddler

I have become quite the pro with flying with Dominic so I have tons of tips for flying with a toddler!

I shared all my tips for flying with an infant, HERE.

These tips for flying with a toddler will make your next trip as smooth as possible!

Flying tips

I am from MA, but live in Buffalo, NY, therefore I have flown with Dominic many times since he was born. Most of the times being by myself because John Paul was working.

Each time I have flown, I have been a bit nervous, but it always turns out perfectly fine! I have been so lucky to have had lots of people help us out if they see that we need a little extra help with getting our luggage, getting through security, etc. The airport employees and flight attendants are extremely helpful too!

If I am being 100% honest, it is much easier to fly with an infant than it is a toddler. An infant will sleep majority of the time and/or you can nurse them or give them a bottle. A toddler, however, is very busy and wants to be moving all the time.


  1. Plan you flight time around their schedule: We try and fly mid morning so that Dominic is not missing his naps. A cranky kiddo is no fun on an airplane!

  2. Wear clothing with pockets: This has been a life saver when traveling for me! I usually will wear either a coat (if it’s cold) or a cardigan with pockets so that I can easily store my license, phone, and tickets. It makes it easy to grab things when you’re also with a baby

  3. Bring snacks: You can never have too many snacks! They will allow you to fly with baby snacks so I will bring some puffs or cheerios. Easy things that don’t make a big mess. You can also bring milk if it’s in a bottle or sippy cup!

  4. Bring the stroller: This is so convenient to have when in the airport. You can strap the toddler in the stroller and also store your bags too. You can bring it right to the terminal and they will give you a tag to put on it to get the stroller when you land. It goes underneath the plane, so you won’t have to go to baggage claim to get it. I have also worn Dominic as a toddler and that has been good for quick trips, but longer trips where I have more things, the stroller has been so great! The stroller will have to be packed up to go through the scanner at security so be prepared to have everything out of it.

  5. Bring small toys: I like having small things Dominic can play with on the plane like a stuffed animal, a small board book, a small figure (he has a couple ducks he loves to hold). I try not to bring things that make tons of sounds so that we won’t be super intrusive to everyone around us, LOL!

  6. Patience: You have to give yourself some grace and patience while flying with little ones. It’s most likely a new place for kids so they are going to want to explore and check things out. Walk around the airport close to your gate before boarding so that they can get out some energy.

A few more things to note! Arrive early so that you are not stressed with timing. You will be amazed at what having a few extra minutes does for traveling! You will be able to go through the walk through security holding your little one, if they can’t walk, which does cut down time waiting in line, typically.

Pack only essentials in the diaper bag so that you are not having to go through you carry on (if you have one). I like to keep a few diapers, wipes, pacifier, snacks, a cup, small toys, and my wallet in the diaper bag. Everything else goes in the carry on so that I am not messing with it while trying to take care of Dominic. The diaper bag is lighter that way and you know exactly where everything is.

These are some of the things I have learned while traveling with Dominic for these past 13 months. Like I said, I still get a little nervous before each flight, but they have all turned our perfectly fine. I also think of this…I most likely will never see these people again, so it’s all good!

I hope this helps ease your mind a bit, if you are traveling with little ones any time soon! You can always message me, comment, or email me if you have other questions about flying with kids. Also, if you have any tips of your own, leave them in the comments and I will add them to the post!


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Tips for Flying with a Toddler