Christmas Front Porch

Our Christmas Front Porch is so fun and festive this year!

My favorite thing to do when styling a space is to use pieces I already own, (SEE MY TIPS HERE) so that’s what I did on our front porch!

The Christmas front porch is complete with twinkling lights, a Christmas tree, and a couple of old sleds!

Christmas Front Porch during the day

I don’t use much decor on either side of the porch during Christmas because we rarely get the chance to actually sit outside since it is so cold! I do love using lots of lights to make the front porch super magical!

Christmas Front Porch with Dominic

We did a different light pattern this year by covering all the casings of the windows, circling the door, and hanging from the ceiling of the porch. I love the extra twinkle we have going on here this year!


Hanging the lights was a bit time consuming, but so worth it! We had to make sure we had the proper lengths for everything so that one area was not longer than the other. We only have 1 power outlet outside so we had to get a bit creative! We used these hooks to hang them around the windows and keep them in place.

Dominic at the door of the porch

Around the front door, I used a vintage sled that I found at an antique shop a few years ago along with another sled that was my Father in Law’s when he was growing up. They both kind of anchor the doorway and create symmetry without being identical.

Christmas Porch

On top of my Father in Law’s sled, I used a faux Christmas tree wrapped in lights. On the vintage sled, I also added lights and some red bead garland.

I found this cute door mat at JOANN and thought it was so perfect to bring in more red touches! I reused this flocked wreath on the door from last year and I love it!

Our front porch is really special at night and I just love how the lights twinkle and glisten. You can see our twinkle lights glowing inside too!

Christmas Front Porch at night

I love our Christmas front porch! It makes the Christmas season so much more special seeing our house all lit up!


Do you hang Christmas lights?

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Christmas Front Porch