How to Drink More Water

One of my goals for this year was to drink more water!  

I have been trying to drink even more now that I have been doing the 21 Day Fix workouts every day too.  

We drink more water by creating fun water combinations!

I think water gets a bad rap because it can be pretty boring!  I don't really like soda or juice so water is definitely a go to drink choice for me.  Some days though, I want to spice it up a bit and make it more fun!  

For a while now, we have been making all different kinds of water combos with different fruits.  Of course the classic is always just adding lemons, but when I want to be "fancy"

I will make up some fun concoctions!  They make drinking water a lot easier.  It makes you want to keep going back to the pitcher for more!  I will make one at the beginning of the week and try to refill the pitcher a couple times before replacing the fruit.  

I don't like when the fruit gets too soggy and falls apart in the water.  It's kind of a 'race' of let's see how many times we can refill the pitcher before the fruit gets too broken down.   These have been my favorite and will be great to have all summer long when that heat gets unbearable.

1.  Raspberry Lemon

Raspberry Lemon Water

I don't know about you, but I love raspberry lemonade.  I know I said I don't love juice, but lemonade is hard to pass up!  However, there is just so much sugar in it so I tend not to drink it very often.  I love adding frozen raspberries and lemons to my water and I get a similar taste with a lot less sugar added.  The frozen raspberries stay together better and keep the water nice and cold!

2.  Lemon and Mint

Lemon and Mint Water

This is kind of a spin on the classic lemon water.  The mint adds a little more sophistication.  I love the taste of mint, it's so refreshing.  The citrus from the lemons mixed with the mint is such a yummy combo!  Super hydrating too!

3.  Watermelon Cucumber

Watermelon Cucumber Water

I love that smell of cucumber melon fragrances so I decided to make it into water!  It is delish!  So light and refreshing!  I freeze the watermelon too so it keeps the drink colder longer and it keeps the watermelon in tact.  The cucumber is so fresh and light.  It's not overly sweet, which I love!

There are tons of ways to spruce up your water, but these ones are so good and easy to make!  Plus they're pretty and isn't it more fun to drink pretty things :). They have helped us drink lots more water and our bodies love it!  John Paul will fill up a water bottle before work and take it with him.  He will add some fruit from the pitcher and then he can just keep refilling his water bottle at work.

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What are some of your favorite water combos?

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How to Drink More Water