New Mom Essentials

It's been 2 weeks since our little man came into this world & I am loving every second of being a new mom.  It's truly amazing how quickly you learn things that you never knew before.  

Read Dominic's birth story HERE.

With being a new Mom, I have already found out some things that have been essential in caring for Dominic.  I thought I would share these things with for all you new Moms & Moms to be to hopefully give a little insight into what has been helpful to me so far.

New Mom Essentials


Dominic, Mom, and Freddy
Dominic in the park

I already know what I love postpartum, clothing wise.  I have found that my maternity jeans & leggings are still my favorite bottoms to wear right now.  

I also found these amazing jogger pants that I am loving.  I can wear them out running errands or just to hang out in around the house.  Comfy & easy have been my go to outfits.  

Cozy sweaters have been perfect for this time of year as well.  

For shoes, I am loving my favorite slippers for lounging around the house & these amazing sneakers for when we go out. 

You can shop my outfits below by clicking the images.

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We love our car seat!  Dominic loves it too!  It can get heavy, but we feel that Dominic is extra safe in it which is our number one priority.  Since he was a little baby, this car seat is perfect because it fits babies from 4 lbs - 35 lbs.  The car seat is great because it also fits into our stroller. 

Dominic in the stroller

This stroller is amazing!  I highly recommend this to all parents!  It is easy to fold up & store & also easy to maneuver on walks & in stores.  It has a lot of great attachments as well.  Right now we only have the parent console attached & the car seat adapter, but as he gets older, we will add on the child tray & canopy. 

My Swell bottle hasn't left my side.  Drinking a lot of water while nursing is so important so why not have a fun water bottle to drink out of?!  Plus, it keeps your water cold all day long! 

Dominic and Mom
Putting the paci in

My Diaper Bag is my favorite! I love that it is not a traditional looking diaper bag. It is stylish & not cumbersome. It can be worn as a backpack or cross body. It has so many pockets inside & out for storing all the baby's needs.

Pack and Play
Dominic sleeping in the pack and play

We have found that Dominic loves his Pack & Play.  We also love it because it has a bassinet & changing table.  It has great storage on the side to keep diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacifiers, etc.  This Pack & Play is lightweight & easy to move around the house.  It will grow with Dominic so he can use it all the way up to his toddler years.

Dominic in the Momaroo

The Momaroo has been a hit with Dominic!  All the different movements put him right to sleep!  We hooked up our iPhones to it & played some sweet baby lullabies.  Dominic loves it!  I love that you can choose all different movements & speeds.  It really soothes him!

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Baby Things

Dominic sleeping

The Soothie pacifiers have been our best friends!  Dominic loves them when he is getting his diaper changed or becomes a bit fussy.  Just like their name, they soothe him so well. 


Swaddle sleep sacks!  Life changing, I tell you!  Dominic loves being all snuggled up & these provide that for him at night when he can't have blankets around him.  You can have your baby sleep with their arms in or out making them very versatile.  Dominic prefers his arms out!
You can shop the baby things below by clicking on the images.

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These are just some of the things that I have found to be super useful these first couple of weeks.  I am sure this will change as time goes on, but for right now, these are some amazing items that have helped us out a lot!

Dominic with Dad

What are some of your Mommy essentials?  Anything I should be checking out?

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!


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New Mom Essentials