Our Master Bedroom Reveal

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!  Our master bedroom is DONE being painted & I am completely obsessed with this reveal!  I never loved our bedroom when we moved in, but it had good bones & lots of potential. 

You can read the start to the makeover HERE & why it's taken us almost 2 years to get a move on in here.  There are also all the before photos too!  Also see my master closet makeover (HERE).

Our master bedroom reveal is so impressive to me and I am so proud of how we transformed the room!

4 poster bed
Shoe closet
Bed linens
Bed tables

It's been a wild ride with this bedroom.  This was the first major project we've taken on since having Dominic & projects tend to go a little slower when you add a baby into the mix, but that's OK!  We have also had some busy weekends so it's been about a month to get this all done.  

Full view of the bed
Looking into the shoe closet
Looking at the tv

We used Behr Silent White to cover up the brown walls & we only needed 2 coats.  I'm telling you, Behr is great with the built in primer because I don't have time to be priming anything beforehand. 

Looking into the window

Another project we did in here was take down the shutter doors that closed off John Paul's closet.  They were just big & bulky & BROWN. 

I did not have it in me to paint them so I decided to take them down & put up a big drop cloth curtain as the door.  You can read all about how to make drop cloth curtains HERE.  For this curtain, I used a 9x12 drop cloth instead because I needed it to be longer to cover the whole doorway.  I also did not want 2 because I wanted it to stay closed all the time & not have a gap.  I love that it kind of looks like a backdrop for our bed.

Drop cloth curtain

We also rearranged the room.  This room is very long & narrow so it's a little difficult to figure out the furniture layout.  We went with this way for now so that we could have a little sitting area in front of the TV.  The old layout was how the previous owners had the room set up, but we didn't like that you basically walked in the room & right into the bed.  This way is a little unconventional as there is no wall anchoring the bed, but I kind of like it!

Full view of master bedroom
4 poster bed and bed tables

We still have some things I would like to eventually do.  Possibly painting our furniture, even though I know that will be a HUGE undertaking, but I don't love the dark wood.  For now it works & I actually don't mind it now that the walls are lighter.  I would love new furniture, however that is not in the budget right now.  I also want to do a little more decorating, but I am enjoying the simplicity of this room for now.  Patience, Lindsay, patience!

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What do you think of our bedroom makeover?!  I am in LOVE!

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Our Master Bedroom Reveal