No Sew DIY Drop Cloth Curtains Tutorial

No Sew DIY Drop Cloth Curtains Tutorial

I got this idea to DIY some new drop cloth curtains for our dining room that are also no sew!  

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These no sew DIY drop cloth curtains are so easy to make if you follow my simple tutorial below!

Top of Drop Cloth Curtains
No Sew DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

We had some linen curtains in here that matched the ones in the living room.  I really needed another pair for our living room, but I haven't been able to find them so I moved the ones from the dining room to the living room.  

I needed new curtains for our dining room so I decided to try out some drop cloth ones.

This was such a simple DIY & I think this project took less than 30 minutes to complete! Best part is there is no sewing involved!



  1. Lay out the drop cloths and decide which end you want at the top and bottom (I chose the 9 ft for the length and 6 ft for the width)

  2. Fold down the top to your desired length (I did 13.5" so that it would 'puddle' nicely on the floor)

  3. Place the rings every 12" on the folded part of the drop cloth

  4. Grab a partner to help you hang them if your ceilings are taller like mine

  5. Fold the drop cloths one way then the next way so that they fold nicely on the top until all the clip rings are strung on the rod (Do it the opposite way on the other side so that the pattern continues across)

  6. Fluff the curtains so that you have the spacing you like with the folds


*NOTE: If the drop cloths are extremely wrinkly throw them in the dryer to get out some of the wrinkles, or just steam them if the bigger wrinkles don't come out. I honestly don't mind the wrinkles as it makes it look more worn & vintage.*

Since they are canvas, they will block out a lot of light.  I can also push them completely to the edge of the windows so that all the light shines right on in!

Drop Cloth Curtains

I absolutely love the charm & character these DIY drop cloth curtains add to our dining room.  We now have them in our Sun Room and Master Closet!

Would you consider drop cloth curtains for your home?  

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No Sew DIY Drop Cloth Curtains Tutorial