The Start to Our Bedroom Mini Makeover

I am so excited to be typing this post!  Our bedroom has been sort of 'unseen footage' on the blog up to this point. 

This room has been looming as one of the final rooms of the house that has to be painted.  It's a rather large room & we put it low on the priority list to get done as we wanted our downstairs living areas to be complete before touching our bedroom.  See our living room reveal here.

This is only a start to our bedroom mini makeover, but we have already made a huge impact!

After of desk area

Our bedroom is painted this dark, gross brown color & it is the complete opposite of a relaxing oasis to retreat to at the end of the day.  This past weekend, John Paul was like, 'let's start painting our bedroom' & I literally JUMPED up to grab the paint. 

This is going to be a slow going process, but in the few hours we spent painting this weekend, we got a lot done & I am already obsessed!!  We have so much more to go & we have the daunting task of moving our king bed in order to paint the wall behind it, but that is the wall that I know will make the biggest impact. 

I have said this many times before, but painting makes such a HUGE transformation for very little cost, only a little sweat equity.  I know this will be so worth it once this is done. 

We are using Silent White by Behr which I absolutely love & have used in the sun room, entry way, hall way, closet & bathroom.  It's the prettiest shade of white that has some cool gray/blue undertones. 

So I hope you enjoy a few of these photos (mainly before photos) that I'm sharing for now & as we complete more of the room, I will post some more updates.  I am still thinking of painting our bed & dressers, but that might not happen right away.

Before of the bed
Before of closet
Progress shot
Progress near dresser

So obviously there is still a lot to do, but we should always celebrate the little wins!  What do you think of our bedroom update so far?  I love that I have a designated little office space which I plan to add more to as we complete this room, but for now, it works!

Thank you for stopping by the blog!