How to Stay Organized as a Stay at Home Mom

If you don't know, I am a new stay at home Mom.  I found a way that works for me to stay organized!

I am an extremely visual person.  I have said this before, but I love lists & crossing things off of it.  You can read some other organization tips HERE

Now I am not about to reinvent the wheel here or share some completely new way to organize yourself, but I thought I would share how I stay organized as a stay at home mom.

How to Stay Organized as a New Stay at Home Mom

I decided as part of my goals for this year to create a schedule for myself each week to keep up with the house chores.  On the weekends, I want to be able to do fun things as a family & not have to worry about cleaning or laundry.  I thought if I created a weekly schedule, I would stay on task & create a routine for myself.  This will also help me to be more mindful of my time & make sure I am getting everything done.

To start out, I use pretty notepads/planners because that just makes writing things down so much more fun LOL! I like using Legacy or Seedlings products. The designs are so cute & the products are functional which is the best combo!

I then wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish each week.  For me that is laundry (Dominic's & ours), vacuuming, swiffering, emptying the dishwasher, & organizing/tidying up the house.  Next, I got out my Day in the Life planner & decided which days I would do each chore.  Here is how I decided to lay out my week.

Organization plan

Now, you could switch out any of these for things that make sense for you & your family, but this is what we need to get done in our home right now.  

Chore list

Bathroom cleaning is done by John Paul as he says that I don't do it good enough...FINE BY ME haha or else I would have added that chore to this list.  As Dominic grows up, I'm sure more chores will be added like cleaning up his toys, cleaning his room, etc.

This upcoming week will be my first week starting this new plan & I will keep you updated as to how it is going.    

As a busy stay at home, I am hoping this will help to get things done & not feel like I am overwhelmed with the boring tasks of keeping the house clean.  This is not 100% foolproof & I know that some weeks the chores will not get done on their designated days, but I figured if I set a daily routine for myself I would have some order in my life.

Let me know if you have a daily routine that you like to follow as I may tweak this throughout the year.

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How to Stay Organized as a Stay at Home Mom
How to Stay Organized as a New Stay at Home Mom