Painted Dresser Makeover

My dresser dreams have officially come true! If you've been following my IG stories then you may have seen this reveal already, but if not then here is my newly painted dresser!!!!!

Chalk paint is my favorite thing to use and you can read all my tips, HERE.

This painted dresser makeover is one of my favorite reveals!

Painted Cabinet Makeover

A few weeks ago, our friend was cleaning out an old attic and told us to come down and take whatever we wanted and this was one of the pieces!  I have been wanting a dresser like this for quite some time, but hadn't been able to find one in the right price range.  This one was free and you can't get much better than that, right?!

Here is what it looked like before:

Before the makeover
After the makeover

I loved this piece so much and knew there was so much potential for it!  I love the curvy details on the top drawers and the vintage pieces on the end.  The hardware has a gorgeous patina so I didn't change it, just cleaned them up a bit. The detailing on the hardware is beautiful too!  So vintage and unique!

Painted Dresser Details

Now for the makeover part! I kind of felt like a chemist mixing a bunch of paints together HA! I started off thinking I was going to strip it to it's natural wood color. I used this stripping gel (HERE). I didn't love it though. I loved pieces of it, but overall, it wasn't the look I was going for.

I then thought I was going to use Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Linen White (HERE), but wanted to do something a little different! I had some chalk paint from Amy Howard at Home and decided to use that instead!

I started with the color, Nottoway and was able to give the whole piece 1 coat of the paint.  I had maybe a 1/3 of the container left and knew I wouldn't have enough to finish sooooo I started to become a paint mixologist haha!  

I had some more Amy Howard at Home chalk paint in the color Chelsea Square and mixed that with some of the Nottoway color.  I used that to do the top and front of the dresser.  I used that on the top drawers as well.  

I ran out of the Chelsea Square so I grabbed my Behr Silver Marlin paint that I have on the walls in the living room and mixed that with a little of the Nottoway.  I used this mixture on the sides of the dresser, but then I was completely out of the Nottoway color for the bottom 4 drawers.  So I just dry brushed the bottom 4 drawers with the Behr Silver Marlin.  

If you look closely, you can see the slight difference in shades, but honestly, it flows so well together that if I didn't tell you there was a variety of colors, you probably wouldn't be able to tell, right?

Painted Dresser

It was fun mixing all these colors and creating something fun!  I typically go for the white can of paint, but thought I'd switch it up a bit.  I definitely gravitate towards the pale and creamy blues because my walls are gray with lots of blue and white undertones.  I love how it plays off the walls and our new rug in the center of the room too!  I plan to use this to store extra baby toys, blankets, diapers, wipes, etc.  Just more storage that is also pretty!  Functional and!!

Painted dresser and chairs

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What do you think of this little makeover?  I am so obsessed!!

Dresser and couch

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Painted Cabinet Makeover